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July 19, 2007



These were all great....you have such a great sense of humor about everything and i'm sure the girls will get a big kick out of these blogs when they're older. Good job, Mom!!


Ha!!!! The Tuesday night beatings and Maddy's Yes Yes Yes just cracked me up. Funny stuff, it's great to write it down because there's no way to remember all of this.


Those two are just so cute. Maddy cracks me up the most with her antics. She must be the ham of the family.


That's one of the replies I have for my 6 year old when she wails, "That's not faiiirrrr!" I often say, "Well, let me know if your therapist agrees with you". (I'll be sorry when one day she report that her therapist agrees that I'm a "mean-head"!)


Very cute. These are classic Donna. Glad you remembered to write these moments down before they are forgotten. I've got to get into that habit myself.


LOL!!! Those are great!!!! So you do the Tuesday night beatings too???

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