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July 09, 2007



Awww, that is so precious!!! She's a big girl now :)


Good for Gwen! See how well it goes when you wait until they are ready? :)


So cool about the big girl bed. Interesting that they want their own rooms at this early age. With our Maddy going to be two when we get her, we are not sure whether to start with a crib or just go straight to the big girl bed. We have a crib just in case since I'm assuming she will have never slept in anything other than that.


Look at that! She is so adorable in her big girl bed! I am glad she is transitioning well. I don't know when I am going to start doing that with Sally but it will have to be soon.


Go Gwen! Thank goodness for the side rails, right? We just moved our little guy to a toddler bed and he thuds up against the rails a few times a night...which is better than him crashing to the floor!


Wow!!! That's great!


Hey I just clicked over here and found a bunch of posts! I was waiting for you to "tickle" the RSS feed on the other blog. Shoot! Congrats on the big girl bed accomplishment.


She melts my heart too just picturing her speaking so sweetly to you!
what a big girl.
T will be two in two weeks and sleeps all night in the queen bed in her room (crazy I know- it's a long story but it works for us!).
The lake event looked super fun!


Hey! No fair!

I'm in the same boat as M3 - only it took me even longer to find time to check here... I just couldn't believe that you hadn't posted in such a long time!

Anyway - interesting to read that they are sleeping in separate rooms. Ours HATE not to be together. So this would be impossible here. But they've been in big girl beds (well, two twin size mattresses on the floor) for about 8 months now (since three weeks after they turned two) - and that worked great.


oops! I guess I was waiting for you to post something in your old blog for us to check here.
Gwen looks too cute in her big girl's bed. How does it feel not to see her in her crib anymore? I guess you are happy and sad since your little baby is growing up!


Yay Gwenny! Good job.

And congrats to you Mom! :) That's a major milestone.


What a big girl! We put a baby gate on Gracie's door when she moved to a big girl bed...I can't worry about her raoming the house at night...

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