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July 14, 2007


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Donna M.

Happy 3rd Birthday Gwenny and Maddy! Sounds like you all had tons of fun! May the next year be a joyous one for you all!

Donna and Catherine


what a great party- happy birthday beautiful girls. What a great Mommy you have that does such splendid things for you.


Sounds like we missed a great party. Happy Birthday, Gwen & Maddy!
Hugs from Emilia and her mommy and daddy:)


Sounds like a great party!! Wish we could have made it. But look forward to seeing you all in August.

Happy Birthday to you, Gwen and Maddy!!!



SO fun! Sorry we missed it!!

Lori Williamson

Happy Birthday Gwen and Maddy!!!

It is no surprise that you didn't get pictures. We had the same size party for Chloe's 3rd and it was also so crazy that we didn't get pictures. Maybe next year.

Lori W


Happy Birthday girls!!!! What a great day!


Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girls around. You both looked beautiful and from the photos I can see you two had a ton of fun.

Jeff's Place

Sorry I missed it!! :(

Our girls had a lot of fun. Thanks!!


Happy belated birthday to the two sweetest little girls around! Looking forward to meeting and visiting you next month!!

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