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20070824 a Los Angeles Zoo entrance

20070824 a Los Angeles Zoo entrance

Los Angeles Zoo

Today we visited the LA Zoo. It was a last minute decision but one we're really happy about because the zoo is AWESOME!

There's an impressive assortment of animals and each of them reside in a habitat that is large, interesting and immaculately maintained. Never once did I feel my usual pang of guilt about animals held captive for my viewing pleasure. On the contrary, these critters (some quite large) seemed comfortable with their surroundings and the steady flow of humans stopping by to ogle them.

The zoo is old but being updated and the trees are tall with lovely cool breezes blowing through them. Our girls enjoyed walking along the curving paths almost more than stopping to view the animals! If we lived closer, this place would be on our top 10 lists of things to do with our kids.

We took lots of pictures of the animals but most of them weren't exceptional enough to post to the blog. Any picture with the girls IS good enough so that's what I'm posting.

No fancy collages for now since I didn't think to upload the software for FotoFusion to my laptop before leaving on vacation.