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May 03, 2009

I ♥ Faces with Hats!

Maddy's hat

Our little Madeline always makes me laugh.   Today, we were driving around in our van and the girls were begging for gum.  We're not picky about treats in our family but gum is something that Mommy retains as a reward for only the very best behavior and the girls are never ever allowed to ask for it! 

I explained once again that they couldn't request gum but could only partake of it's fruity sugar-free goodness by being VERY well behaved and then Mommy - without any prompting from them - would magically produce it as a reward for their self control and impeccable good manners (laughing to myself as I said this).  I knew that eventually I'd be giving them some gum but I hoped they'd be inspired to behave for as long as possible. 

Well, many minutes of blissful silence passed before a small voice (Maddy's) whispered out from the back seat: 

"Mommy, I'm not asking for gum."

Daddy and I looked at each other and just cracked up!  We love our children so much and right now we're thrilled that we can completely control our two youngest with a 12 cent stick of sugarless gum!  As veteran parents of a full grown son, we know it doesn't get easier than this, folks.

May 02, 2009

My Bonny Girls in their Bonny Bonnets

We Picture {this} (A Mamarazzi blog) has a really fun theme this month:  Hats

I'm a very humble contributor there and I'm personally challenged each month to post my best photos and put them up against the phenomenal talent of the other 24 contributors.  (You can contribute too!)

When I first learned of this month's theme, I knew exactly which hat I was going to have Maddy wear.  I've been wanting to put her in her Gotcha outfit one last time before she outgrows it. It was a big baggy dress back in 2006 when we adopted her but today that dress fits her more like a shirt and the hat almost doesn't fit at all.

The hat is so cute. She was wearing it the very first time we saw her beautiful face and that image is forever etched into my soul.

Here she is last week. Our Madeline Abigail and her sweet, sweet smile: 

Maddy's Gotcha Hat

Maddy picked these flowers because she thought they looked like the ones in her hat.  She has amazing attention to detail and I've come to respect her eye for art.    (Note to self:  post some of Maddy's recent art on the blog)

That sure is a pretty hat, Maddy!

She's watching her sister swing and has a beautiful peace about her.  She was so happy to be here with me even though most kids her age might prefer to leap to their feet and run off and swing too!  But I was able to steal this special moment with her and I'm so grateful because peaceful moments are few and far between around here.

Hats 157

Maddy changed into play clothes and grabbed this old floppy hat and was so eager to be Mommy's model (again)!  At least for a minute or two!  I loved the way this one came out.   Usually, I straighten my photos but this one practically begged me not to.  

Then it was Gwen's turn for hat photos:

profile of a cutiepie       pretty girl with the backwards hat

This hat is fun for so many reasons.  I love the hot pink lining and the skull and crossbones -- with a big pink bow!?  Such a playful blend of many contrasting themes that seem to contradict each other but (strangely) work perfectly together.   A glorious mix!  Like our Gwen; Our Beautiful Mysterious Tomboy Princess!   

I think I relate to this so well because I was once so much like her.  I was a no-nonsense Army officer (later a cop) by day but just as emotionally comfortable in old denim, silk & antique lace most of the rest of the time.  I think she'll be like that when she's grown up.

Gwenny chillin' in the grass

Here she is chillin' in the grass.  She looks so comfortable --  about ready to fall asleep! 

I love the hole in the knee of her jeans that she got riding her roller skates.  Other parents buy jeans with fashionable holes already in them but my girl makes her own.  She fell so many times while she was learning to skate but just got up and wiped off the blood and kept going with a huge smile on her face!  This child is tough as nails! (unless you scold her -- then she just turns to jello).

Mom, this grass sure is soft!

We played in the grass for a while then she rolled over and gave me this incredibly beautiful smile!  Even though her hat is barely holding on, this is one of my all-time favorite "hat" photos!  

I love that I was able to capture the true sparkle of Gwen's personality here.  This is our girl!  Isn't she amazing?  How blessed I am to have such an amazing family to love and laugh with!

Please tell me which one of these photos you like the best. 

I'm allowed to enter just one photo in the I faces contest this week and this week's theme is, ironically, also "hats".  I just can't decide which photo to enter!  I've been participating in this contest for months and never even received so much as honorable mention.  I think I'm choosing the wrong photos to enter!  Please let me know which one you like best and that will be the one I'll enter tomorrow night.  :)

January 16, 2009

G is for Gossie (help needed!)

"G is for Gossie"

But what is N O Q U V X Y & Z for?  We've got all the other letters of the alphabet covered but we're looking for ideas for these remaining few.  When we're done, we'll make a precious little ABC book and sell it on-line and give all the profits to Grace and Hope (the organization that made Maddy's foster care possible in China).   This will help other Qinzhou kids enjoy the benefits of having a loving family to belong to while they wait to be adopted.

Two Christmases ago, Nana gave Gwen and Maddy one of their favorite books:  Gossie.  Today, Maddy presented me with her drawing of Gossie.  Isn't it spectacular!?


So, any ideas for N O Q U V X Y & Z?  As you can see from the picture above, our little 4 year old Picasso can copy ANYTHING!  All she needs is inspiration.  Do you have some?

December 05, 2008

Maddy Art (December)

Here's another installment of Maddy's amazing art.  She loves to draw and I really love to showcase her amazing creations!  

She has a crayon or a pen in her hand all the time and she puts her heart into everything she draws.  She's a perfectionist and at least 90% of her papers up in the trash but she'll enthusiastically bring us her favorite drawings and ask us to scan them.  Pretty often, we'll poke around on trash day as we pull something out of her trash can that she didn't think was worthy.  The horse you see below was one such treasure.  Maybe she was critical that his mane was not connected to his head on top?  Who can know?  All we do know is that her creations are almost always brilliant and we love them (and her!). 

We don't push her to do any of this so we really marvel that her eye catches so many small details:  blades of grass, rays of sunlight, fingers (sometimes more than 10!), scales on a friendly dinosaur, dots to decorate her family's names, or a moat around her castle's drawbridge.  It's all beautiful!  We really enjoy seeing her world through her lovely drawings! 

Maddy Art Dec 2008 blog 

    (click image for larger view)

November 08, 2008

Maddy's Art



A few extra comments about our little artist:

  • First of all, when you look at Maddy's art, keep in mind that our Baby Rembrandt is just barely four years old.  She was born 7/31/2004 (4 pounds, 2 ounces) and was probably at least two months premature.   It was only just this past week that she finally hit 30 pounds in weight!  She's a peanut but she's a powerhouse!   When you consider her young age, her art skills are even more impressive!
  • Maddy is meticulous (almost to a fault).  For example, if she makes a tiny mistake when she signs her name, she'll throw the whole picture away.  I can't tell you how many times I've waited until she wasn't looking and raced to the trash to retrieve something I thought was really special. 
  • I love this pickle. Pickle_2   It was one of the things I pulled from the trash because she was frustrated that she signed her name with a tiny little wiggle on one of the D's.  I cropped that part off because I knew she'd be horrified to see it later.  That's my goofy little girl!  We're constantly reminding her that perfection isn't a goal you have to achieve right away.  For the most part, she understands this and the next bullet point is a good example.
  • She thinks her animals are more special if they have more than the four legs God gave them.    Here's her giraffe.  Giraffe_multi_leg_2I asked her how many legs he had and she said there were six -- and she was pretty darn happy about that!  I just hugged her and told her he was the most awesome giraffe ever!
  • When she drew a cherry last week, I told her how to spell it and she wrote it down.  A few days later, she drew another cherry and wrote "CHRRY" under it totally from memory!  My girl rocks!
  • She wrote "Mommy" above the prettiest flower I've ever seen and brought it to me while I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup (see top left photo, above).   It made me cry then I had to put my makeup on all over again!  I'm so blessed to have Maddy in my life!
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