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June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Dad_smIt's nearly 10:00 PM on Father's Day and I'm just starting to put this post together.  Such is life with two 2 year olds, I guess!

But that doesn't diminish the importance of the three men in my life that I'm paying tribute to today.  First mention goes to my dad.

My parents divorced when I was 6 years old and I lived with Dad pretty exclusively until leaving home at age 17 (to join the Army).  My Dad taught me the best lesson ever:  "The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother".

I don't, personally, remember his relationship with my real mom but I very vividly remember his relationship with my step-mom and it was clear that he adored her.  I never saw or heard a fight.  I always saw lots of physical affection and respect. 

The first man I ever loved was my Daddy and, when I grew up, I was sure I'd marry him.  I vividly remember dancing on his feet, snuggles, love and cuddles.    When I went looking for a life partner, I wanted a man that had the qualities I saw in my father. 


I hit the jackpot with Andrew.  He's the most incredible man I've ever known in my entire life.  He's smart and funny and compassionate.  He's a man of of the highest moral character.  He's honest and fair and, as if fate could actually put a cherry on top of the perfect sundae, he's wicked handsome too! 

Every adjective I used to describe him takes on a new meaning since I've known him (if you've got a man like this, you know what I mean).  I'll never have to tell my kids how fortunate they are to have him as their Dad.  They'll Just Know.

None of Andrew's qualities are a surprise when you consider where he came from.  His parents are simply wonderful.  They've been married over 40 years and I still see a sparkle between them when they're together.   

It's my deepest hope that our girls will see the same sparkle between their mom and dad and will, someday, seek a partner with their Daddy's qualities.    If they do, I'll never have to worry that they're happy and loved.

April 08, 2007

Easter 2007


This was Gwen's 2nd Easter but her first Easter Basket so that means that it's a first for BOTH of our girls!  They didn't get much candy.... mostly toys and stickers.  But they LOVED it!

We took more than 700 photos.  We didn't set out to do this.... it just happened that way.  I should point out that we have a huge flash card and our camera can take pictures as fast as you can press a button.  So 700 photos didn't take much time even though we could only do 300 at a time.

The first 300 had incredible content (I mean really REALLY good) but there was a flash malfunction so those photos were overexposed and almost completely ruined.  Still, I'll share my favorite.  It's a photo of Maddy that Andrew took on the top of the new play structure in our back yard.  It has a red canopy that that gave everything a pretty red glow.  But the photo was very horribly overexposed so I enhanced it to bring Maddy's hair and eyes back into view but that left her lips really faded.  So I added some cyber lipstick and the result was pretty stunning.   Click <here> to see.

The next 300 were snapped pretty fast as the girls weren't interested in cameras anymore.  Most were destined for the recycle bin as soon they were uploaded but we got one or two good ones before wardrobe malfunctions started to occur. 

Since only a few of those came out, one last attempt was made to get some good pics of their dresses.  Those final 100 netted some fairly good results but they weren't spectacular and I think we only saved one.  We called it a day since we were really tired and just wanted to collapse on the sofa and watch Monster's Inc.  So that's what we did!

The dress Gwen is wearing was purchased in Guangzhou, China, very soon after we adopted her.  It looked SO big on the hanger and I really didn't think it would fit her for many years.  But it's nearly too small for her now.  This is the last time she'll wear it before handing it down to Maddy.

Maddy is wearing the pretty rose dress Gwen wore this time last year.  She's just as beautiful in it!

February 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad!


It's been fun having you around for the last four days, Dad.  Sorry we were all sick and not very social!  Too bad the weather didn't cooperate either!  But, even with all that, it was really wonderful to see you!  I hope you have a comfy flight home. 

Happy Birthday!  We love you!!

December 25, 2006

Christmas 2006


December 03, 2006


Cake_topper_500 I got this idea from Lisa (who got it from Ninotchka) but I don't think I can post one ornament each day so I'm cheating a little bit and just posting one small group of some of my favorites.

Many years ago, I went to a Christmas party at a friend's house and noticed that her tree was decorated totally in little teddy bears.  I thought it was a fun idea so I decided to decorate my entire Christmas tree with cat ornaments.
Ornaments_500 There are other things besides cat ornaments on our tree but it's mostly cats.  My favorite is the one on the left.  I'm really not obsessed with cats but I came across this one when I was at Hallmark shopping for a topper for my wedding cake.  It seemed like a cute idea and it was much less expensive than a traditional bride and groom cake topper so we used it on our cake.  I made a tiny bow tie and veil and glued them on and here's the final result atop our wedding cake: <click here>.
Here are some of my other favorites.

I make a point of buying a new kitty ornament each year and I also try to find one if we're traveling so I can have it as a memento of the trip.  I use a fine point permanent marker to note the date and place on the bottom of the ornament.   

If it wasn't originally intended to hang on a Christmas tree, I can usually find a way to fashion it into an ornament it by drilling a small hole and attaching a gold thread or a tiny eye screw.   (Which reminds me that I still need to do that with the small cat figurine I bought on our first trip to China in 2005)

This isn't a FFFF Challenge but if you're posting pictures of your ornaments on your blog, feel free to add your blog link in a comment.  :)

PS:  I'm extending last week's FFFF challenge for another week since lots of people haven't put up their Christmas tree yet.

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