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June 30, 2008

My babies are four... 4... FOUR!

Like last year, we're celebrating the girls birthdays together.  Maddy is just too young (and sensitive) to accept that her sister can have something as spectacular as a birthday party while she sits there and gets nothing.    They're 36 days apart in age but 36 days is much too long to wait for your own birthday cake and presents.  So, for the foreseeable future, we'll be celebrating birthdays together.    No complaints since it's actually much easier for Mom and Dad this way!

This year, the big present was bicycles!  Beautiful pink and purple girly bikes with streamers on the grips! 

Both girls mastered the trike long ago and it seemed like age 4 was the perfect time to bring in the 2 wheeler.  Okay, it's technically a 4 wheeler - since there are training wheels - but we're working our way down two two wheels.  Gradually.  We also picked up a Razor Scooter for their birthday but, so far, Mommy has been riding around on it and she probably needs to work on sharing.    When the kids get a turn, it's teaching them some good stuff about balance and they're already making some impressibe progress with it.  We have a friend who has a child who learned to ride a bike without training wheels just one week after his 4th birthday.  He did it because he was already able balance on the Razor Scooter.  Even though we're not rushing the girls to master the art of balancing on two wheels, it makes sense that a child could learn from something like this scooter.  Maybe Mommy will let them play on it more often.

Here are some sweet pics of our big bicycle surprise yesterday (that went slightly awry).  There are many other really great pictures from our fun Birthday Weekend but I'm struggling to find time to turn them into pretty collages and post them.  Geesh, it seems like there's really no time to do this bloggy stuff as the girls get older and require more and more of my attention.  When they were two, all I really needed to do was make sure they didn't kill themselves while they toddled around the house.  Then, at three, they were a bit more challenging but they didn't seem to want my attention every-single-minute-of-the-day but now I have to spend hours and hours sitting with them and singing or playing games or reading books or coloring pictures or pushing them on the swing or playing catch or collecting flowers or bugs or leaves outside.... AHHHH!  It never ends!  And they absolutely HATE to see me sit at this computer!   

Here are some Birthday Bike photos from Saturday.  Gwen was actually 4 on June 25 and Maddy won't be four until July 31st but this is the weekend we picked to have their little party.   Last year, we had more than 50 people at our house to celebrate birthday #3 so this year we decided to keep it small and simple.  Well, at least it was small.  So much for simple....

(click the images for a larger view)


We had such a wonderful Birthday Weekend! We had cake and presents and even Michael came over to help us celebrate (Maddy LOVED that!). The girls insisted on wearing their Princess party hats everywhere we went and they drew plenty of attention and smiles from everyong.  They played with their helium filled balloons every moment we were home - which wasn't very often since we were BUSY and always on the go - and this morning the balloons were suffering from the attention and laying listless on the floor.  But the girls didn't seem to care.  As long as there was air in them, there seemed to be fun in them!    Maddy's big balloon, Minnie Mouse, was the last mylar survivor but she's now floating somewhere over Santa Cruz (and Maddy hasn't noticed that she's missing).  All the rest are flat and "taking a nap" in the trash in the garage. 

For the past two nights, we've sang the Happy Birthday song at bedtime and I've had to sing it at least three times before being allowed to leave the bedroom. Tonight, Gwen told us she wanted to have "more birthday!" so there's going to be some unpopular discussions about calendars and months in her future. 

More birthday pictures will be posted soon but it's after midnight so I better go to bed. Tomorrow is an important day for us as we're finally meeting with a surgeon at Stanford Hospital to talk about how necessary it might be to correct Maddy's cleft palate (it's just a level 1 cleft). I'm really hoping that he'll tell us that it's too minor to require surgery but I'm bracing myself for a different opinion. More about that later.

June 22, 2008

Some recent favorite pics from Emma Prusch and Gilroy Gardens

(to read text, click for larger view)

June 14, 2008

Baby Loves Disco! (and hula hoop)

Saturday afternoon, we took the girls to a local nightclub for some wild and crazy disco fun at an event set up by "Baby Loves Disco"!  There were hula hoops and kid friendly snacks and juice boxes and lounging pillows and books scattered hither and yon.  There was a bubble machine and a kiddy coloring station and face painting and bright red balloons and about 70 or 80 little kids (and twice as many adults).   And lets not forget the music!  It felt like we were stuck in the late 1970's for about three hours!  We weren't sure what to expect but it was incredibly fun and we'll be sure to do it again!

June 12, 2008

Tag Tails


It's an understatement to say that Gwen and Maddy got lots of toys for Christmas last year.  In fact, we still have some we've never opened for various reasons (too many toys, not old enough for the toy, toy is too messy, etc).  This week we finally opened the Tag Tails game and we've been having so much fun with it!

Tag Tails is an improvement on the old childhood game of Tag.  Each child straps on a belt and a replica of an animal tail plugs into a slot in the back.  Then you RUN like the wind (my camera couldn't even stop the action!) and try to grab someone else's tail while protecting your own.    A few months ago, I'm not sure the kids would have been emotionally mature enough to deal with this game but they seem to accept that having someone take your tail away is all in good fun.

We have another game we're eager to try out but it didn't come with batteries so we'll have to save it for another day. 

Today, we're playing hooky from preschool and going to Gilroy Gardens.  We never get tired of that place!  It's cheap (free after you purchase admission for one day) and it's usually never crowded and it's sooo beautiful!  The trees.... the flowers...  Ah!  Oh yeah, and the kids like it too.  :)

June 05, 2008

Playing dress up

Last September, the girls were flower girls at Uncle Chris and Aunt Kate's wedding.  The dresses were gorgeous but they were almost totally destroyed by the end of the wedding and reception so we decided to get the most out of what remained by letting the kids use them to play dress-up.   

Even when you accessorize with sweet dirty faces, pirate hats and green scaly dragon feet, you just can't hide the fact that these dresses are almost as beautiful as the little girls playing in them.

Maddy_gwen_roses_swing We played on the swings, chased the frisbee, and ran all over the yard for nearly an hour before returning to the playroom for juicy red popsicles. 

Can you believe we actually ate popsicles in these spectacular white dresses?!    We weren't even trying to be neat but nobody dripped even a single drop so the dresses have survived to see yet another dress up day!

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