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May 02, 2009

My Bonny Girls in their Bonny Bonnets

We Picture {this} (A Mamarazzi blog) has a really fun theme this month:  Hats

I'm a very humble contributor there and I'm personally challenged each month to post my best photos and put them up against the phenomenal talent of the other 24 contributors.  (You can contribute too!)

When I first learned of this month's theme, I knew exactly which hat I was going to have Maddy wear.  I've been wanting to put her in her Gotcha outfit one last time before she outgrows it. It was a big baggy dress back in 2006 when we adopted her but today that dress fits her more like a shirt and the hat almost doesn't fit at all.

The hat is so cute. She was wearing it the very first time we saw her beautiful face and that image is forever etched into my soul.

Here she is last week. Our Madeline Abigail and her sweet, sweet smile: 

Maddy's Gotcha Hat

Maddy picked these flowers because she thought they looked like the ones in her hat.  She has amazing attention to detail and I've come to respect her eye for art.    (Note to self:  post some of Maddy's recent art on the blog)

That sure is a pretty hat, Maddy!

She's watching her sister swing and has a beautiful peace about her.  She was so happy to be here with me even though most kids her age might prefer to leap to their feet and run off and swing too!  But I was able to steal this special moment with her and I'm so grateful because peaceful moments are few and far between around here.

Hats 157

Maddy changed into play clothes and grabbed this old floppy hat and was so eager to be Mommy's model (again)!  At least for a minute or two!  I loved the way this one came out.   Usually, I straighten my photos but this one practically begged me not to.  

Then it was Gwen's turn for hat photos:

profile of a cutiepie       pretty girl with the backwards hat

This hat is fun for so many reasons.  I love the hot pink lining and the skull and crossbones -- with a big pink bow!?  Such a playful blend of many contrasting themes that seem to contradict each other but (strangely) work perfectly together.   A glorious mix!  Like our Gwen; Our Beautiful Mysterious Tomboy Princess!   

I think I relate to this so well because I was once so much like her.  I was a no-nonsense Army officer (later a cop) by day but just as emotionally comfortable in old denim, silk & antique lace most of the rest of the time.  I think she'll be like that when she's grown up.

Gwenny chillin' in the grass

Here she is chillin' in the grass.  She looks so comfortable --  about ready to fall asleep! 

I love the hole in the knee of her jeans that she got riding her roller skates.  Other parents buy jeans with fashionable holes already in them but my girl makes her own.  She fell so many times while she was learning to skate but just got up and wiped off the blood and kept going with a huge smile on her face!  This child is tough as nails! (unless you scold her -- then she just turns to jello).

Mom, this grass sure is soft!

We played in the grass for a while then she rolled over and gave me this incredibly beautiful smile!  Even though her hat is barely holding on, this is one of my all-time favorite "hat" photos!  

I love that I was able to capture the true sparkle of Gwen's personality here.  This is our girl!  Isn't she amazing?  How blessed I am to have such an amazing family to love and laugh with!

Please tell me which one of these photos you like the best. 

I'm allowed to enter just one photo in the I faces contest this week and this week's theme is, ironically, also "hats".  I just can't decide which photo to enter!  I've been participating in this contest for months and never even received so much as honorable mention.  I think I'm choosing the wrong photos to enter!  Please let me know which one you like best and that will be the one I'll enter tomorrow night.  :)

April 23, 2009

Watermelon shirt (dress)

Gwenny never shows much interest in her wardrobe so when she asked if she could wear her watermelon shirt, I said "sure" even though I didn't think she actually owned a watermelon shirt. 

Then she showed up a few minutes later wearing this getup and a Great Big Smile.  I had to laugh (and grab the camera) because that "shirt" was actually a dress that she wore nearly four years ago when we were in China adopting her!  I have no idea why she thought it should be part of her cowgirl costume -- or why this costume also included teeny tiny green and white striped pj shorts!  Oh well, I s'pose it doesn't really matter when you're this cute!  (click on any of the photos below for a larger view)

Yee Haw, Cowgirl!!

Blog gwendermelon - seqel 018  

Blog gwendermelon - seqel 014 

She was hopping around in the grass saying "ribbit" when I took this pic (below)

Blog gwendermelon - seqel 052

I thought this one was incredibly pretty.  Gwen has such a beautiful soul and you can see straight into it when you look in her eyes.   She was laying in the grass and looking right at the camera and I love the serene expression on her face.  I wish I knew what was going on in that pretty little head of hers.

Blog gwendermelon - seqel 062   

Here she is wearing this same dress in China (9/11/2005 - Guangzhou).  This picture was taken on my birthday and Gwendolyn Claire was, by far, the most amazing give I've ever been given (and she still is!).  More photos of the Watermelon Dress in our flickr set: <here>

Blog China 9-11-2005 086 

Isn't she lovely?  It's strange to look back at these photos after so many years and realize that I didn't know this little girl at all back then.  Now I recognize all of her smiles because I've seen them so many times.  I know that the smile in the photo above is her Sincere smile.  It's the one she can't help but produce when she genuinely finds something funny.  The smile in the photo below is her Amused smile.  We see this one very often because she's such a happy little girl and almost everything amuses her.   

Blog China 9-11-2005 082 

Salsa Mom (M3) is doing her Fashion Friday post this week and we're in!   

December 29, 2008

French Braids, Chicken Feet & Sledding

Blog french braid IMG_3138 
Family friend, Theresa, taught me how to french braid night before last so this was my first solo attempt the following morning (yesterday).  I think I did pretty good! 

Blog gwen hair splay sled 028 
This morning, I undid the braids and Gwen had glorious waves in her hair!  Just look at it!  

Blog chicken feet IMG_3145 
Okay, enough about hair.  Here she is modeling her Chicken Feet!  After lunch, we hit the slopes again for some sledding fun.  You can see a fun slideshow of those pictures below or, if that doesn't work, try here:  <click>

October 27, 2008

Little Mommy?

Gwen has no interest in dolls at all but she wanted to hold little baby Nolan today.  She won't even hold the cat she's known most of her life -- but she wanted to hold the baby! 

She sat on the bench so patiently while he was placed in her arms and was very careful not to squeeze him too tightly or dump him on the floor (as I feared she might because I've seen how she treats her stuffed animals - or her own sister!).  She was tender and sweet and .... thrilled to be holding him!   Just look at that beautiful smile!  She's beaming!   Could it be that my little Tomboy Gwen is really a Little Mommy?

Gosh, I sure hope this doesn't mean she's going to ask Santa for a baby brother!

Analeise_nolanBaby Nolan is the three month old son of our friend Analeise.  We met her at our local Mall way back in early 2006 when all four of the girls in the picture above were under age two and Dominic (far right) was just a tiny baby.   We didn't even have Maddy yet.

Right before she placed Nolan in Gwen's arms, he spit up a bit of formula and Gwen saw it and gagged and almost puked!  We laughed because it totally reminded us of the infamous vomit ordeal at the mall where we met several years ago.  Funny how you can look back on these things and actually laugh!

So, is Gwenny getting maternal?  Right before nap today, I rubbed her cute round belly and jokingly asked if she had a baby in there and she just shrugged and said "Not yet".  Ten years from now, those words might make every last drop of my blood feel like ice water in my veins but today they're innocent and absolutely adorable!   Just like her!

October 25, 2008


Where has this year gone?  It's the end of October and I still have unfinished tasks from February hanging around on my to-do list.


The leaves are changing so it's inevitable;  Summer is gone and Winter will soon be upon us.
Even though it took me by surprise this year, Fall is still my favorite season.    Gwen found this leaf today while we were visiting our favorite local theme park.  She held it up to her face as if it was a Halloween mask and peeked through at me.  If you zoom way in, you can see the smile in her eyes.   I think this is probably one of my very favorite photos.  Even though it was over 80 degrees, there were beautiful amber colored leaves all over the ground and a huge pyramid of pumpkins right behind her.  I guess it doesn't get more "Autumn" than that!
As always, click the photo for a larger view.
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