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March 15, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #23 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 3/23/07. 

This week's photo challenge is "Feet".  Want to play?  Here are the very simple rules.

Ffff_feet_sm Here's Gwen and Maddy's cute little feeties!  Gwen's are easy to identify in the main photo since one of her toes (on each foot) doesn't seem to "fit" and always lays on top of the other two.  I think it's cute that she leaves little footprints that look like she only has four toes!   

Maddy is a size 7 -- a full size smaller than her same-age sister.  You can spot her in the collage since her feet are so white!  Even though her skin is very pale, her feet were practically black when she was a newborn (click <here> to see).  We're really grateful to have those early photos.  She was only 4 pounds at birth and we can hardly believe that this is the same child! 

Ffff_feet_2_sm The teeny-tiny toes in this collage belong to the three week old feet of our 18 year old son, Michael. 
Most babies are born a size zero but this Little Bigfoot was already a size 3 at birth!  I remember when this photo was taken... I held his feet up for the camera because I thought they were so big for a newborn baby!   He's always had big feet.... he was a man's size 13 at age 13 and, thankfully, his feet haven't grown since then!  I used to love to nibble on his sweet little toes but you'll all be relieved to know that I've not done that in many MANY years! 

I've also included the referral photos of Gwendolyn and Madeline.  Both sets of photos included pictures of their bare nekkid feet.  This is "Red Thready" because the photos were incredibly similar and taken at the same time even though the girls were adopted one year apart. 

Gwen and Maddy are two very different children but they have too much in common for it to be mere coincidence.  The referral photos are the first thing (click <here> to see them side by side).  The poses *could* have been anything but they were almost exactly the same.  Then there's the double swirls in their hair.  How many true siblings share that?  It's very rare but both of our girls have it.  Even the unique aspects of their personalities compliment eachother.  It's more than you'd expect from a random set of adoptions so, even though I'm not totally into that whole "red thread" thing, I have to admit that there's something going on here.

***This week, Madeline is 2 years 7 months old
... She's 34.25 inches tall and 24.5 pounds.

***This week, Gwendolyn is 2 years 8 months old.

... She's 36.25 inches tall and 31.5 pounds.

Wanna play this week?  Let's see those cute feet!  (even if they're yours!)

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March 09, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #22 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 3/16/07. 

This week's photo challenge is "Hands". 

Hands_sm_1 We have a surprisingly large number of photographs of our children's hands.  Maybe because we point the camera at them and they ignore it and run to us to show us something they're holding.... or a boo-boo.... or they point at something and try to explain in Baby-babble what the heck they're pointing at.

Whatever the reason, it usually means that the only thing in focus is their tiny fingers -- or, sometimes, a booger.

Or, maybe, like Gwen (in the picture on the left) they're trying to tell us that camera time is over and they don't want any more photos, Please!

The two smaller photos are Gwen's hands lovin' her Lovey in 2005 and Maddy's hands a year later with a similar Lovey. 

It's sorta weird (and sad) that our girls get such comfort from a simple washcloth.

In the case of Gwen, we know for a fact that her SWI wrapped the crib board (not a matress) in a towel and, subsequently, most of the kids from her SWI get lots of comfort from fingering the corner of a towel or washcloth.  Gwen couldn't go a day without her "Lovey". 

We're not sure about Maddy's crib conditions at her SWI but, interestingly, she was also attracted to the corner of the washcloth.  We don't know if it's because Gwen showed her this trick or if she figured it out on her own but Maddy loved washclothes from almost the first day we met her.  In the photo, above, Maddy's tiny hands work their way to the corner -- just like Gwenny.  This picture was taken  in China (at The Majestic Hotel in Nanning) on the 2nd day we had her.

If you have photos of hands to share, please join our photo challenge this week. 

Adult_hands_smThese are (our) adult hands. 

The largest image is from our wedding in 2001 and the inset images are more recent. 

It's funny how often our kids see our hands.  We use our hands to caress them or clean them or feed them or play with them.   

Next to our eyes, our hands might be the part of our body that our children bond most quickly with. 

When we're cruisin' down the road, both of my girls want me to reach back and let them hold my hand.  I, obviously, can't do this from the front seat but we take turns letting them hold my hand.  They LOVE mommy's hand!

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March 02, 2007

Gimme (part 2)

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #21 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 3/9/07.

This week's photo challenge is based on last week's FFFF challenge.  The twist is that this week you get to list 10 things you DON'T like that start with the letter you were already given -- in my case, an A. 

Last week's challenge was the most popular ever (surprising since it wasn't one of my favorites) so I hope everyone has fun with this one too!   

Gimme_not_pg_1sm Gimme_not_pg_2sm Gimme_not_pg_3sm


1.  Ants - these are eating a ladybug!!  How horrible is that!?!?

2.  Anger - what's the point.  It's such a huge waste of time.

3.  Alien Abduction - especially when probes are involved.

4.  Ashtrays - ewww!

5.  Arguments - especially when I'm not winning.

6.  Abstract Art - unless it's the brilliant work of a preschooler!

7. Acetaminophen - I much prefer Ibuprofen.  Works better, lasts longer.

8.  Airheads.

9.  Allergens - makes my eyes itch just thinking about it. 

10. Arson.

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February 22, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #20 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 3/2/07. 

This week's photo challenge is a meme called "Gimme!" I got the idea from Pushing the River (who assigned me the letter "A".   You're given a letter (by me) and you go to your blog and list ten things you like/love that begin with that letter.  But I put a twist on it by adding the requirement of a picture for each of the 10 things.  It can be any picture you find on the internet or one you took yourself -- or a mix of both.  Your choice.

If you want to play, post a comment and simply say "Gimme!".  I'll reply back to you (via email) with a letter that I picked at random. When you've added your list of ten to your blog, come back and post your link so we can see what you came up with!

This FFFF Challenge took me longer than any of the others but it was really fun!  I hope you have fun with it too!   



1.  Andrew - my wonderful husband of five years.

2.  Adoption - without it, our family of five would still be a family of three.

3.  Art - All of our favorite artists are family except this one: Alexander Volkov.

4.  Azaleas - especially the fushia ones.

5.  Almonds - chocolate covered, please!

6.  Affection - whether it's my kids or my husband or my friends, it's always one of the best things in my life!

7.  America - I feel fortunate to live in this country.

8.  Architecture - This photo is one of our favorites.  Andrew took it two summers ago when we visited Manhattan.

9.  Azure - a gorgeous shade of blue. 

10. Artichokes - I love any food I can play with and this one is also a really exotic flower.

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February 16, 2007

Bad Photos

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #19 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 2/23/07. 

This week's photo challenge is "bad photos".  You know -- the ones where someone looks horrible but someone else looks really good so you can't bear to send the photo to the recycle bin?   Sure, you can always crop out the bad part but what fun is that!?  :)

Please don't forget to leave a comment after you leave your link. 

20060904_pearl_river_cruise_001_mediumThis picture was taken near the elevators of the China Hotel in Guangzhou just a week or so after Maddy's adoption.  I love the photo because it's the only picture we have of the girls wearing my favorite matching dresses.  We bought the dresses in the gift shop of The Majestic Hotel in Nanning (dirt cheap) and there's no way they'll fit them again this summer. 

Daddy doesn't usually look like this.  No, he wasn't drinking. 


20061107_six_shots_004_mediumThis is one of the best photos of Maddy but poor Gwen!  Anyone who thinks Gwen always takes a good picture needs to take a good look at that face!

As always, click any photo to see a larger view.

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