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March 30, 2010

B&W Wednesday: The eyes have it!

I love this face. 

How could I not? 

Just look into her eyes and I dare you not to love her too.

(click image for larger view)

Black and white

Here's another version.  I'm never really sure when "enough" is actually "too much" so let me know which one you like better. 


Wanna see the original?  <here it is>

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March 23, 2010

B&W Wednesday: Happy Hollow

An old favorite park just reopened after a two year remodel.  We were there for opening day and these weird statues were scattered around the entrance.  I just posted a few of these in color but I thought some of them were really spectacular in black and white.

20100320black and white

To see this piggy photo in a larger (nicer!) size, <click here>

20100320black and white hampster munchies2676

In real life, these were bronze.  I like how they look like pewter in black and white.  They're weird but interesting!

20100320black and white winged hampster2675

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March 16, 2010

B&W Wednesday: Stanford

Every time we go to Stanford, we take a photo of the girls standing inside this Henry Moore statue. Some day, they'll be all grown up and they'll pose here one last time before starting the tradition of having their kids pose here. Imagine how fun it'll be to look back on all of these photos later.

Stanford henry moore statue bw

These photos aren't especially good quality because we were not really working with willing participants.  I guess standing inside this sculpture isn't really much fun for little girls!   And, of course, there was always the challenge of trying to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time.  Not surprisingly, we tried several other times over the years and ended up deleting all of the photos so we're feeling lucky that we got these three (so far!).

I think we had better luck with photo quality with the following pics.  The first three were taken inside the Cantor Arts Center on the Stanford campus.  There's a large collection of Rodin sculptures including the famous "Gates Of Hell" and "The Thinker".   The girls enjoy looking at art and on this day Gwen WAS the art. 

The fourth photo (below) is a close up of a portion of the Gates of Hell.  It's a creepy huge thing but really fascinating to look at.  The detail is spectacular.

The last photo is Maddy riding her bike on the campus.  I think the girls rode about 5 miles this day!   I added a little bit of the original color to the center arch of that photo.    We took about 50 more photos but these were my favorites of the day.  You can see our whole set on flickr <here>.

Stanford collage reduced 2

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March 09, 2010

B&W Wednesday: Beautiful Tomboy

She doesn't like dolls or makeup or jewelry.  Instead, she loves firetrucks and swords and toy guns (she calls them "shooters").  I'm always finding sticks and twigs and smooth round rocks in her pockets or under her pillow.  She's a mud magnet and can't resist stepping in puddles.  She loves climbing trees and giant rocks and playing "Army" with the little boys at the park.  She's mastered her bike, ice skates like a Hockey star and today she got her first skateboard. 

Sometimes I feel like she's more of a son than a daughter.  But then I look at her and I marvel at how beautiful she is.  How soft and gentle and incredibly sweet.  I love her perfect little mouth and her bright eyes and all that gorgeous hair.   I could stare at her forever.

Beautiful tomboy

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February 24, 2010

B&W Wednesday: Chinese Dress

This morning, Maddy informed me that she needed to wear her "China dress" today because her Kindergarten class was marching in the Chinese New Year parade at their school.  Of course, this was the first I'd heard of it and I was just happy that we had a Chinese dress for her to wear!

She was so beautiful that I had to snap a few photos before school. 

Chinese dress 1610

She loves to pose (and often overdoes it) but today she tossed her head around and flipped her hair and looked like the poster child for cuteness. 

 Chinese dress 1613

Then, right out of the blue, she'd decide to stare straight up at her bangs and make this funny face!

Chinese dress 1625a 

Of course, I flipped the camera around and showed her what she looked like and then she really cracked up and was inspired to do it 15 more times!  I know you're grateful that I'm not posting the other 14 photos. 

Here she is at a peak state of amusement with herself:

Chinese dress 1621

After that, it was right back to cute again!   I don't think God created anything more silly and adorable than a 5 year old little girl!

Chinese dress 1609 

I'm still learning about black and white photography.  It's really a challenge!  It's hard to disregard color and focus on patterns and textures and light instead.    In the color version, her dress was really eye popping but in the black and white version, it's her hair and face that you notice most.

<click here> (and then scroll to the bottom) if you want to see the original photo in color.

For more Black & White Wednesday fun, check out The Long Road to China.

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