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July 27, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Photography Workshop

I just got back from Pennsylvania where I participated in an awesome photography workshop hosted by Lisa (the originator of Black and White Wednesday).  This just might be my FAVORITE Black and White Wednesday post ever!

IMG_0202 skateboard feet bw

Here's our leader, Lisa.  It was incredibly hot and humid in Bethlehem, PA.  The heat index this day was 115 but you'd never know it to look at Lisa.  Isn't she lovely?  And a beautiful personality to match!  It's almost impossible to believe that in less than one month, she's going to finally have her referral from China.  Yes, that was a very very LONG road to China, my friend!

One of the best things about this workshop (other than learning what the buttons on my camera do) was being able to meet many of my long-time blogger friends in person.  I'm so grateful to Lisa for making this possible and making it fun too!     

IMG_0014 lisa watermark 

There were models for us to practice our newly taught photography skills but I preferred to photograph the behind-the-scenes action.  You know, get the story behind the pics of the models...

IMG_0018 watermark

This boy really enjoyed all of this attention.   :)

IMG_0061 messy hair boy watermark

When we were finished taking photos for the day, he poured some water on his head and ruffled up his hair and asked me to take his photo so he could look at the camera and see what he looked like.  I love spontaneous photos -- especially of children.  They're so much better than posed photos.

IMG_0202 skateboard feet

This little boy was four years old.  He was soooo stinkin' adorable!  I loved his ratty old sneakers and the crooked way he was standing.

IMG_0128 bride watermark

This "bride" and "groom" have actually been married for two years.  They were incredibly sweet and you could tell their marriage is still fresh and fun (like my marriage and just like all marriages should be!).  Wouldn't it be great to get to pull your wedding dress out of storage and put it on again?    But, of course, the real story behind this photo is all of us standing around them taking their photo and waiting for the moment they look at our camera!

Img_0141 julie felicia denise

Here's Julie, Felicia and Denise.

IMG_0068 maddy and dita watermark

And here's Maddy and Dita. 

I took several hundred photos this weekend but since I was shooting in Manual, many were mistakes and couldn't be corrected in Photoshop.  But thanks to Lisa's excellent instruction, most were really good!  I wish I'd gotten more photos of the rest of the group though.  Especially my bestest blogger buddy, Wanda.  I also wish I'd gotten some photos of the incredible storm we drove through on the way to the airport.  There were huge tree branches down in the road and visibility was near zero on the turnpike.  It was unfreakingbelievable!  I'm so glad I had Marla and Stephanie in the car with me to keep me sane and help navigate (and check flight updates). Thankfully my flight wasn't delayed but unfortunately theirs was (and many of my new friends were affected too).  But we all made it home safe and sound.  Phew!

I can hardly wait until the reunion!  :)


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June 08, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Early birthday celebration


First of all, it's not their birthday.  But their Kindergarten class celebrates birthdays for all of the kids -- even those who were born in the summer months.  Nice, huh!

Maddy and Gwen were excited about their "not my birthday" celebration and picked out some fun animal print clothes for the special occasion.  Just before jumping into the car and heading to school, I asked them to pose for some quick photos. 

Aren't they cute!

I'm trying to become a better photographer so I'm paying attention to the background of my photos as well as the composition.  Black and white photos actually require a bit more attention because you really need to be mindful of background clutter since you don't have the benefit of color to help you identify the subject of the photo.  I usually pick calm (boring?) patterns and backgrounds so faces stand out more.  But today I specifically decided to use this photo for my black and white conversion because of the crazy patterns on the girls' clothing.

I'm also trying to be more interesting when it comes to rotating and cropping.  Not in my comfort zone at all because I'm really very mechanical about "art" and tilting a perfectly straight photo is almost painful for me!  But I LOVE it when other people do it so I decided to give it a try.   

So much to learn but I'm loving the journey!

Here's the color version:

Gwen and maddy front yard fixed memory warm


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May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We started our weekend with a trip to Daddy's work.  Yes, he has a ball pit at work.  No, he doesn't work at Chuck E Cheese.
20100528santana row0513fix

Next, we went to Santana Row where Gwen and Maddy befriended some kids and they all played a nice big game of chess.

20100529santana row0524

The next day, we drove up to San Francisco, picked up Michael, and headed to the zoo.  The peacocks are really tame and this one was happy to pose for a close up.  Exactly two years ago we were here and we were treated to a very special view of this beautiful creature!  (See that cool photo, <here>)

20100530San Francisco Zoo5961 copy

The squirrels were a big hit too.  I know these things are rodents and considered pests by many people but I think they're cute.  The girls can't really tell the difference between a zoo animal and a party crasher that just chooses to live there because the food is free.  Penguins and pigeons are all equal in their eyes.

20100530San Francisco Zoo5893 copy

In the photo below, Gwen and Maddy are enjoying a little snack break in the stroller.  We bought this stroller for our upcoming summer vacation because we needed something portable that can hold two jet-lagged children.   It's not designed to have a child sit on the back like this but it works great and we've learned from experience that this particular brand of stroller can easily carry twice the recommended payload.   When you have a tired child, you have only a couple of options and this stroller gives us one more.  Thankfully.

20100530San Francisco Zoo5980

Michael will turn 22 this week.  Loving him all these years has made me appreciate my little girls more because I know first hand just how quickly they'll grow up.   We're so honored that he wants to spend time with us even though he's a grown man and not obligated to hang out with us at all.  On top of that, he puts up with this Momma constantly sticking a camera in his face!  

Three photo bw

Black & White Wednesday

  20100530San Francisco Zoo5964 copy

And here is Gwen with one of her trademark sticks.  This one was snapped (nearly) in two and then fashioned into chopsticks.  What could be more fun than that?
20100530San Francisco Zoo5969 copy

After a very long and busy day, we settled into our hotel room at the Hyatt (Embarcadero). We found this hotel last Christmas and made a mental note to call them for a reservation next time we were looking to spend the night in The City.   We thought the beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling were part of their Christmas decor so we were kinda excited to see that they're still up and, presumably, permanent. 

Up in our room on the 6th floor, we got the kids situated into their' Aerobeds and we all settled in to watch "The Spy Next Door" with Jackie Chan.  Probably the most stupid movie ever made but the girls didn't seem to care. 

20100530San Francisco Zoo6009 

After the movie, Mommy and Daddy went to bed while the girls giggled and whispered and played in the dark.  Since they don't share a room at home (their choice), sleeping together at the hotel was a real treat so we let them stay up late and dared to look forward to possibly sleeping in as a result.  Nope.  That didn't happen.  But it's okay and we got a nice early start on the last day of our 3 day weekend!

Monday morning, Michael and Kelsey met us at the hotel for breakfast and then we took Kelsey to work and the rest of us headed to Lands End Trail (west of the GG bridge).  The trail is long and winding and steep in some places but the views are spectacular!  It was a bit overcast so the sky was white and not really conducive to good photography so we left the big camera in the car and I just tucked our little point and shoot (S90) into my pocket.

Michael herded Gwen and Maddy along the first part of the narrow path while Andrew and I dragged along behind them.  As the terrain got more steep, Michael casually turned around to inform us that there would be "lots of stairs" to which Andrew immediately (jokingly) replied "That's okay, we usually just tell people that they're adopted".  Get it?  "Lots of stares"??  Funny!  See why I married him?  He always makes us laugh.

20100531Lands End Trail San Francisco0556

Daddy amused the girls by pretending to be their prisoner -- a game our daughters never grow tired of.  Gwen handcuffed him with her hot pink hoodie sleeves and made him march along while Maddy stood guard with a rifle (aka a stick).  At one point, Gwen was fed up with her irreverent and unrepentant captive and ordered Maddy to just shoot him!  You really had to hear her say it in that super sweet tiny voice of hers.  It was really funny.  

Several times Daddy got away and was pursued relentlessly by his pint size captors and the funniest moment of the day happened when he was instructing them (in a wizard/professor fashion) on the more intricate details of escape and evasion and matter-of-factually insisted that he could magically disappear from view at any time. 

Then he demonstrated by swiftly leaping off the path and throwing his jacket over his own head.  And thus, he was "invisible"!  I was too busy laughing to take a picture of it.   Our smart girls didn't buy it at all and attempted to explain to their silly Daddy/prisoner why he wasn't really invisible and that amused the heck out of me too.   Obviously they're old enough to understand that they're not invisible when they cover their head but I wonder when they'll be old enough to figure out that we know that too?  They believe EVERYTHING we tell them.  Oh, if only that could last forever.

20100531Lands End Trail San Francisco0559 copy

We've been having fun with geocaching ever since hearing about it from our friend, Scott.  We correctly assumed that this spot would be rife with caches and discovered one less than 200 feet from where we stood.  Below is our two greatest adventurers returning from their quest.  They didn't find the cache (we lost our cell phone signal so we couldn't track it) but had fun searching for it anyway! 

20100531Lands End Trail San Francisco0566

While they were searching up behind that huge tree -- off the main trail -- Gwen found a rock with letters on it (R. I. P.).  She thought it was incredibly cool and wanted to keep it but Michael made her leave it alone.  Later, I explained to her what those letters meant and a few hours later (at bedtime) she had more questions about it. 

It was a really nice weekend!  Beautiful weather, fun places to see, surrounded by people we love!  


May 25, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Self Portrait (UGH!)

I'm one of a dozen or so contributors over on We Picture {This} (a Mamarazzi blog) and this month's theme is "Self Portraits". 

I didn't vote for that theme and I've been dreading it all month long and going back and forth over whether or not I'll participate this month.  But I'm trying hard to be a team player so I'm going to post something.  Even if I embarrass the heck out of myself (and that's almost a certainty).

My remote control died right after our Mother's Day photos so I had to resort to using the timer function on my camera.  I've tried taking photos in the mirror or holding the camera at arms length but, not surprisingly, those photos were all duds.  Funny even.  I'll share them later if we ever have a Blooper theme.

I took this photo this morning using the timer and a bar stool as a tripod.  I set everything up and set the timer then scurried around to the front and tried to strike a natural pose.  After the first dozen attempts, my kids thought it was a silly game and started laughing at me which, of course, made me laugh too and that's how this photo was born.

I'm reluctant to show you the original photo because I'm 48 years old and never post a photo unless I've slathered some "Photoshop anti-wrinkle cream on it first.  But I'll swallow my pride and do it -- just this once ;) 

But first, here's my Black and White version with the crazy flower/hair edit.  Yeah, I know it's totally over the top but I was on a roll.  I turned it black and white then layered on a texture then thought it needed a subtle little flower the threw subtle out the window then thought "Hey, what if I blended that flower right into my hair!"  See how easy it is to go too far with your editing?  But I like it anyway...

IMG_5454 hair bw

And here is the edited color version:

IMG_5454 with skin magic action

Okay, I reserve the right to delete this but here is the original photo -- straight out of the camera.
I don't really like what I see in this photo but this is the face my kids LOVE so I should love it too, right?

IMG_5454 original


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May 18, 2010

Daddy's Birthday Present (BW Wednesday & Before/After)

(roll your mouse over the image above to see the "before" image)

And here is the final color version of this photo?

Like before, just roll your mouse over the image to see the original version.

What I love most about participating in weekly themes like "Black and White Wednesday" and "Before and After" is that it forces me to explore new things and learn new tricks.  And there's the awesome added benefit of making (and trying to keep up with!) some very creative and talentedr Bloggy friends!

This week was my husband's birthday and I really liked the photo I took of our daughters holding his present but there were several problems with the original photo. 

First of all, the photo was flat and boring so it needed to be spiffed up; faces brightened, background made more interesting, debris removed from the grass and their faces, etc.  Then there was the issue of Gwen not looking at the camera so I had to 'Frankenstein' her head (from another photo taken during this mini photo shoot) onto this one.  Finally, I needed to add our iPad screen since I didn't remember to turn the darned thing on in the original photo (doh!).

None of this was difficult but creating the "mouse over" photo change was a brand new challenge and I'm excited about all of the ways I can use this.   I promise to share how to do it in future blog post so check back soon!

Other photos from our fun day:

Blog 20100517andrew daddy birthday5610

Daddy and his girls

Blog 20100517andrew daddy birthday5626

Daddy blows out the candle -- with some help from Gwenny because, apparently, Daddy is too old to have the lung capacity to manage one single candle.  :::rolling eyes:::

Blog 20100517andrew daddy birthday5630

Everyone wants Daddy to open their present first!  The kids wrapped these presents all by themselves.  It took an entire roll of wrap and half a roll of scotch tape and the task entertained them for nearly an hour. :)

Blog 20100517andrew daddy birthday5641

Of course, we know Daddy got an iPad but he also got an empty lens container stuffed full of homemade $20 bills from his daughters!  Almost enough cash to buy that special camera lens he's been admiring for several months! 

I gave the kids a xeroxed twenty dollar bill to use an example and a stack of paper pre-cut to the right size then walked away.  I LOVE what they produced!  Believe it or not, Amazon.com accepts this type of currency (as long as you confirm its authenticity with your credit card information).

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