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March 30, 2007

A request?

WordverifTo post a comment on my blog, you have to enter some weird combination of difficult to read letters to prove that you really are a human and not a big fat spam machine.  Since I don't approve your comments before they post for the whole world to see, this is a necessary inconvenience that I have to impose upon you.  Sorry (really).

But I've noticed that many of my favorite blogs are screening comments AND using this word verification thing.  So here's my request:  If you're moderating the comments on your blog, can you please disable the word verification

My few remaining brain cells thank you! 

March 21, 2007

I almost didn't mention this

Banana1I wasn't going to blog about this but, in retrospect, it is sorta funny (and Gwen is NOT sick).  So here goes:

M3 called this morning and asked if we were heading to the mall for our usual romp in the germ-pit.  Even without the added enticement of a play date, we'd never miss our daily chance to partake of dried baby body fluids and share some fresh ones of our own.  And, of course, the play date just gave it so much more meaning!  Especially since Mommy hardly ever gets to talk to an adult during these recurring adventures (Mall Moms are snobs).

So, we rendezvoused with Mama Salsa about 10:15 and Maddy quickly settled into her self imposed role as Westgate Mall Toddler Play Yard Ambassador by welcoming the twins and trying to explain that they needed to take off their shoes, not leave the play area, etc.  Meanwhile, Gwen took advantage of the fact that I was being distracted by M3 to race to our stroller, retrieve a banana we'd just purchased, peel it nekkid, and shove the top 5 inches of the freshly exposed fruit into her greedy mouth. 

I was only about 5 seconds behind her and caught up in time to ask her if she was okay and offer my hand as her personal spitoon.  She nodded and grunted "I'm otay" and scurried off after a little girl who was stretching the neck opening of her angrily protesting little brother's shirt by dragging him around by it.  it's understandable why Gwen would surely want to participate in THAT fun!   

I settled onto the bench seat and glanced around for M3 and the babies but didn't find them before Gwen reappeared with a very disturbed look on her face and some banana colored spittle dripping down the front of her shirt.   Like any good mother, I stuck my bare hand under her chin and asked her if she wanted to spit out the banana.  She did and my hand quickly filled up to near overflowing with something the consistency of rice pudding.  But before I could properly dispose of my gooey gift, she heaved and VOMITED a half gallon of banana/Pediasure/Golden Grahams/godknowswhatelse right onto our feet and the floor between us.

Almost immediately, a crowd of toddlers gathered and some well meaning parents offered napkins while I stared at the mess -- and Gwen -- and my hand filled with goo -- and tried to decide what I needed to fix first.  I decided to empty my hand since it seemed like a no-brainer that two hands might come in handy for the rest of the tasks ahead.  So I told Gwen not to touch anything and leaped over the bench seats and ran to the trash can about 15 feet away.  Then I returned as fast as humanly possible and jumped back over the seats to find Gwen kneeling in the vomit trying to mop it up with the paper napkins the adults provided. 

Luckily, I carry a full box of tissues and a full container of Huggies baby wipes in the stroller (and antibacterial wipes in the diaper bag) so I got everything cleaned up but nobody was in the mood for a play date after that.  Gee, I can't imagine why!

And that's how our first mall play date with M3 went! 

March 10, 2007

18 month reunion

18_mo_reunion_smWhen we went to China in September 2005, our travel group included 38 families!  Most of them live in the Los Angeles area but there are a few up here where we live and we thought it would be fun to have a "mid-year" reunion up here.  So this was our 18 month reunion party, hosted it at our house, complete with a giant inflatable Blues Clues bouncy-bouncer!

There was too much fun (and pizza and Tsing Tao beer) to keep to just our travel group so we stretched the list of invitees to include some of our other local friends.   At some point, all of this becomes less about agencies and travel groups and more about our wonderful community of China adoption families.  I feel incredibly blessed to know so many truly amazing people (with darn cute kids!).

It was SO MUCH fun to have a yard full of 1 and 2 year olds!  We can't wait to do this again in July when we have a combined birthday party for Gwen and Maddy.

Click here to see LOTS more pictures of today's fun party!

February 17, 2007

Riding the dragon!


(I got the kit to create this awesome collage from A Foreign Life.  Thanks Mary-Ann!) 

We visited the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum today and met up with some friends.  From the left:  Salsa twins - Rose and Marie, Hohndel twins - Heike and Sarah, Gwen and Maddy, and handsome little Charlie leaping for joy!   Helen was also there but she was feeling a little bit camera shy.

20070217_cdm_036_smallIt was pretty chaotic but the kids had a blast.  Good thing it was totally enclosed!  The sand table seemed to be a huge hit and Rose thought it was tasty too! 

20070217_cdm_009_small I'm convinced there's a bit of Mad Scientist in our Madeline.

January 13, 2007

Kat and Colin are in Vietnam!

They traveled to China to get Sophia last May and they're in Vietnam today for baby Keenan!  Here's their blog:  The Ladybug and the Dragonfly.

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