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July 18, 2008

Catherine in California!

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Catherine (of Catherine's Chatter) visited her Bloggy friends this week and squeezed out some time to meet up with us too!  Maddy took to her immediately last year and was just as quick to leap into her arms this year.  She's usually much more discriminating so that just goes to show you how sincerely friendly Catherine is! 

Yesterday, we all met up at the pool and splashed around for a few hours.   Maddy wanted to jump into the pool and had her choice of being caught by Mommy or by "Cath-rin".  She picked Catherine every time!

Also present were the uber adorable Salsa Twinkies, Rose and Marie (see photo above).  Gosh, as cliche as it might sound, they're REALLY are just as sweet as they are cute! 

It's exciting to imagine that this time next year Catherine will finally have her precious little Hannah!  We can hardly wait to see her and her baby together and hope they can travel this direction again soon!

June 19, 2008

New friends

About three weeks ago, I was backing my car out of the Marshall's Department Store parking lot when I spotted a pretty mommy walking towards me with her cute Asian baby girl in her arms.   Since the mommy wasn't Asian and since I don't seem to possess the normal personal editing system that most people use to restrain their curiosity in moments like this, I rolled down the window, leaned out, grinned and asked the woman (hereafter referred to as Jeanine) the obvious question:  "Did you adopt that little cutie?"

Jeanine smiled and gave her baby a proud squeeze and told me that she adopted Brynn from China last year.   I told her we also adopted from China and our girls are now 3 years old (but not with me at the moment because they're in preschool and I'm about to go get them).  Then I noticed that I was gesturing at the two juice-stained unoccupied Britanex Marathon car-seats behind me in the van as if they were proof that I wasn't making up the whole story.  Jeanine asked if I was Donna and it turned out that we kinda already knew one another from email (we used the same agency) and the MSN China Adoption Forum.

Anyway, we exchanged pleasantries and little slips of paper with scribbled email addresses and promised to try to get together soon.  After several weeks of hit and miss, we finally got our schedules to align and met today at Emma Prusch park to climb on tractors and poke some farm animals in the nose. 

Thanks for letting your mommy come out and play, Brynn!  And thanks for sharing your snacks with us!  I hope we'll see you again soon!


May 22, 2008

In memory of Maria Sue Chapman

Heart_love_bug_blogAny time a child dies, it hits me straight in the heart so when one from our own small adoption community dies, it strikes so close to home that it shakes me to my core.  It's almost too much to imagine that it's Steven and Mary Beth Chapman's little Maria Sue.  I mean, if anyone has enough good karma or positive credit with God to keep something like this from happening, it's them.   

Steven Curtis Chapman knew how important it was to Dance with Cinderella while you can.  Through his beautiful and insightful song, he helped all of us appreciate how fast "the clock will strike midnight" and our children will grow up and be gone.  I'm so grateful to him because I often get caught up in the hectic daily stuff and forget to cherish all the little moments with my kids.  Obviously, he and Mary Beth would trade nearly anything in the world for another hectic moment with Maria.  I can hardly find words to express how sorry I am that the clock struck midnight so early in this family. 

I'm always trying to make some sense of tragedies so I'm searching hard for some reason for this one.  I know the real reasons that bad things happen aren't often revealed to us but that doesn't stop me from searching or believing the reasons exist somewhere.   This morning, I'm loving my children a little bit more and hugging them a little bit harder.  When I pick them up from school at noon, I'll be a little more grateful that I'm blessed to be their Mommy.  Tonight, we'll have dinner with Michael and we'll finish the day by reading "Shaoey and Dot".   I love that book but I always cry when we get to the part about the babies "saddest cry of all" so I have to hand the book to Andrew for him to finish.    Now I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get through any part of this book at all.  But in honor of Shaoey's little sister, Maria, I'll try harder to be strong. 

More about Maria here: http://chapmanchannel.typepad.com/inmemoryofmaria/

April 03, 2008

Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman is a popular Christian music artist.  He and his wife have seven children -- including three adopted from China.  He wrote this song after a hectic night trying to get his two youngest daughters through the bedtime ritual of bath, teeth brushing, story time, prayers, etc.   He tried to hurry them along and finally got them all tucked in as he left their room, he remembered that daughters don't stay little forever (his oldest was about to graduate from college).  This is his beautiful reminder that we should dance with Cinderella while we can because some day the clock will strike midnight and she'll be gone...

Grab a tissue -- this is lovely!

March 26, 2008

Rock Stars

Rock_star_two_page_blogThis would have been much better with sound but at least we got pictures!  So cute!

More <here>.

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