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June 19, 2010

Turning a corner...

Gwen and Maddy seem to have a very different relationship lately.   They've started playing together more cooperatively and even though they sometimes get into serious mischief, they do it without the usual squabbles and shrieks and complaints.  

Recently, I investigated a rather long stretch of quiet and found both of them in the playroom with a roll of masking tape and about 100 shredded pieces of paper that were colored and fashioned into "jewelry".  They were each almost totally covered from head to toe and when I asked how on earth they managed to do that, they gleefully exclaimed  "We helped eachother!"  

A little bit later, I looked in on them again and found them both up on the hill in the backyard constructing a "nest" out of whatever they could get their hands on.  It was such a mess but they were talking through the construction of it and working together to assemble their monstrosity.  I stood there, unnoticed, and watched them for a long time and loved what I saw.  When they finally saw me, their faces lit up and they couldn't wait to show me what they made.  They were so very proud of it!

A month ago, this type of thing wouldn't have happened because they just weren't able to spend 5 minutes together without some kind of power struggle.  I didn't dare hope that it would last but then, right out of the blue, they came to us and said they want to sleep together!


They became sisters when they were both barely two years old and we assumed they'd share a room but they just didn't like it.  We moved Maddy out of the nursery and they were both happier alone in their rooms.  We fully expected to wake up and discover that Gwen was back in her own bed but she slept in Maddy's room all night!

And it's been that way for more than a week!    She doesn't want to sleep in her own bed anymore.  She wants to sleep with Maddy.

20100618gwen maddy outside6515 copy
20100618gwen maddy outside6498
20100618gwen maddy outside6465 copy
20100618gwen maddy outside6490 copy
Gwen eyebrow fixed cropped
20100618gwen maddy outside6518 copy

Can you believe these two cuties are only 36 days apart in age?
Maddy is 32 pounds and 42 inches tall.
Gwen is 60 pounds and 47 inches tall.
Gwen wears a size 1 shoe.
Maddy wears a size 10.

It's fun to have daughters who are so incredibly different in almost every way.  It makes me love them for all of the wonderful reasons that they are completely unique! 

They just finished their first week of summer camp and they had such a fun time!  Next week, we'll go on our annual summer family vacation.  This year, it's a cruise and the kids have been exuberantly counting down the days for several months.  They're itching to start packing for their "boat vacation".   Michael and Kelsey are coming too.  

I'm excited about going on a cruise because I've never been on one.  And even though I was stationed in Germany while I was in the Army, I've never been to Italy or any of the other places we're visiting.  It's going to be quite the photo opportunity!  Hopefully, I'll be able to blog from the ship.


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