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April 06, 2010

B&W Wednesday: Weird Weird Gwen

Gwen in the pool bw

She's so beautiful.

She's so clever.

She's so creative.

She's so.... weird.

Weird weird gwen bw

I'm not sure that I've ever really been able to fully convey on this blog just how incredibly unique our Gwendolyn is.  

This girl totally cracks me up. 

She's completely uninhibited and attempts to make friends with everyone she meets.   Today we visited Happy Hollow and she ran into some mean boys who were hogging one particular part of the playground and she just plowed right through them and they let her do it!  They didn't even question her even though she was at least three years younger than they were.  Maybe because she never flinches?  Or maybe because she always brings the best weapons?

She's such a character!   A beautiful princess with the heart of a true warrior!  

I'm still at a little bit of a loss for words to adequately describe her so I hope these photos do her justice. 

I love black and white photos but the original color photos were pretty nice.  Wanna see?  They're here and here.

For more Black & White Wednesday fun, check out The Long Road to China.


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