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March 03, 2010

B&W Wednesday: Exactly three years ago today...

I've been sick all week so I've not had the strength to lift the camera and take new pictures.  Instead, I turned to my archives for something interesting to convert to black and white.  I wanted something with an architectural flavor because I find the shapes of buildings - especially old buildings - most interesting in black and white.  I found this little gem. It's always been one of my favorites and it was especially interesting that it was taken exactly three years ago today.

This is Gwen at Stanford University in March 2007.  We go to the university pretty often because it's wide open and fun for the kids to run around.  And, of course, it's beautiful.   

I had to giggle when I saw that Gwen is holding a stick.  Honestly, this child is ALWAYS holding a stick (or a sword).  Can you believe my baby was not quite 3 years old in this photo?  She makes my heart smile! 

20070305gwen at stanford004

For more Black & White Wednesday fun, check out The Long Road to China.

March 01, 2010

What's so funny, you ask?

Maddy cassie ben gwen

Apparently nothing.

We tried the usual "Say cheese!" stuff but the results weren't impressive.  Then, in a wild streak of genius, we simply asked the kids to laugh and this is what they did. 

Who knew it was so easy?

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