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January 27, 2010

Minus 3 Baby Teeth

X rays confirmed that we needed to pull Gwen's three bottom/front baby teeth to make room for the permanent teeth growing in behind them.  The soonest appointment was 8 weeks away and the Doctor said it really needed to happen faster than that so we asked them to call us if there was a cancellation.  Two days later we got the call and the rest, as they say, is history.

Gwenny was pretty excited about losing her baby teeth but I think she expected that they'd just drop suddenly out of her mouth.  Until this afternoon, she didn't know that pulling them right out of her head was even an option. 

I fed her some age-appropriate information about what she might expect to happen and made sure to let her know that the toy she's been saving her money for would be in her hands immediately after the surgery.  Then I explained that the Doctor would help the teeth to come out but was careful to never mentioned the word "needle". 

I let her know that there would be a "pinch" near her lip and then some pulling and some pressure and then they would be finished.  All done.  She took it in with a level of trust and calmness that really blew my mind (and tugged at my heart) then she walked away from me like she was just heading off to have her feet measured or her hair cut instead of having her teeth pulled. 

It took all of my strength not to burst into tears as I watched a stranger lead my baby into another room while I sat helplessly in the waiting room.  I strained my ear to hear cries of distress that (thankfully!) never came!  Phew!  Those 48 minutes felt like an eternity.

When she finally emerged with one hand clutching a baggie containing 3 baby teeth and another hand holding several helium balloons, I choked back happy tears of relief!  She did GREAT!  No crying and no fear and she was so proud to tell me how brave she was and show me her trophy (those disgusting baby teeth with the root still attached).

She's my hero and here she is wearing her "prize":

Minus 3 baby teeth

I love her "To Infinity And Beyond!"


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