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December 25, 2009

Hee hee... The faces of disappointment (but still a wonderful Christmas!)

The girls had some pretty specific requests for Santa and I knew they'd probably not immediately appreciate his particular slant on what they got but their reaction was priceless! 

I guided them (with their eyes squeezed tightly shut) into the family room where they stood quivering with anticipation right in front of Santa's unwrapped offering.  Then I told them they could open their eyes and this was the photo we snapped at that very instant:

Santa disappointment

I still laugh when I look at that picture!

Gwen was expecting a Star Wars light saber but the one we wanted to get her didn't work with Wii Motion Plus so we had to get the Nerf one instead.  Maddy was expecting a race car game and there was NOTHING in front of her on Christmas morning that looked even remotely like a car of any nomenclature -- race, game, or otherwise. 

They had no idea what any of this stuff was so they stood there and stared at it and tried to readjust their expectations but the disappointment and puzzlement was impossible to hide.

We would have felt really bad about the whole thing were it not for the fact that all of their Santa presents were picked out specifically to go with the new Wii we'd just purchased.  The girls didn't know what a Wii was but they do now and it's a BIG hit!

If you know Gwen, you know she's digging the Fencing competition on the Wii Resort game.  Here she is laying down some serious hurt on her virtual opponent.  You gotta appreciate that final blow...

There was a firetruck from Santa too.  This has been an annual request for the last three years.  Finally Santa got a Tonka truck so maybe this one will last a bit longer?  So far, so good (it's not broken!).

20091225 firetruck

Santa also got them these totally awesome capes!

20091225 we got capes

I think he must have seen them on M3's blog.  The girls put them on before breakfast and enjoyed incredible super powers all day long.

gwen and maddy at park

20091225 caped pursuit

Michael got some presents too. Here he is with a much anticipated new toy...

20091225michael with his new macbook

And Mum (Nana) got a pretty necklace...

20091225 nana necklace

Hee hee.... Uncle Chris and Aunt Kate got a Gravy Fountain...

Chris gets a gravy fountain

Cousin Paige got to examine the Christmas Tree close up...


Daddy got several new shirts and a tire pressure monitoring system and a camera strap and some other cool stuff and I got a Wii Fit and a knit hat and some ear-rings and socks and a pretty shirt.  But my favorite presents this year were these two very special cat statues that were actually purchased separately by Andrew and Michael after last month's trip to the King Tut exhibit

They noticed that I admired this in the gift shop so they (independently) went to great trouble to get me one.... and I ended up with two!  I LOVE that they're different while still being the same and because of all that special effort, I think they're my most favorite presents of all time!  Plus, they're incredibly beautiful! 

Treasures, forever!


Of course, my best "gift" is the health and happiness of my family.  It's not perfect but we're so grateful for what we do have.  Your favorite present this year?


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