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December 04, 2009

My cutie loves cuties!

20091204-maddy cutie loves cuties

There's nothing this child won't do for one of these miniature orbs of citrusey bliss.  I spotted them during a last minute pre-Thanksgiving run to Trader-Joe's and thought they might be nice in a fruit salad but figured most of them would eventually end up in the trash since they only came in a three pound sack.  But we ate all of them!  Every. Last. One.  Seriously, if Heaven is orbicular and golfball sized and sweet (and seedless), this is it! 

Maddy ate at least five of these per day during the last week and Mommy and Daddy polished off a few too.  Gwen won't eat 'em but she's happy to peel them for free for anyone who'll scratch behind her ears or pat her head.   Oddly enough, the only fruit Gwen will eat is a banana.   That's it!  But she'll drink of the juice of anything (mixed with any fruit juice) -- spinach, cucumber, carrot, you-name-it.  Maddy, on the other hand, would probably prefer to eat nothing at all but fruit.  Okay, fruit and bacon.   That's not weird, right?

December 01, 2009

We knew she could!

We knew she could do it.  In fact, she probably could have done it long before Gwen did it but today Maddy finally mustered the courage to ride her bike without training wheels and without mommy or daddy holding onto her.  Here's her first solo.  She really good at it too -- not even wobbly! 

We're so proud of you, Madeline Abigail!

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