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December 16, 2009

Old Friends, Bacon & Ice Skating

So, here you have it!  Another multi-topic post quickly but lovingly globbed together like one of Gwen's psychedelic Play-Doh sushi rolls.

One of Andrew's college friends came to visit last weekend and brought his 5 year old son, Alec.  The Daddies get together pretty often but the mommies and kids almost never do so this was a special treat. 

After a ridiculously hearty breakfast buffet, we headed to the parking lot where the kids posed briefly for a photo before piling into nearly identical gray Honda Accord mini-vans and heading downtown to the ice rink.


It's been 11 months since we last stood on our wobbly ice skates but we've been roller-skating all year long so the girls were cool with swapping wheels for blades and concrete for ice. Gwen was a speed demon! Judging from this video, she probably doesn't have much of a future in figure skating but I bet she'd kick some serious butt in ice hockey (think Sharks Scott Nichol!)

The video isn't particularly exciting since it's just me chasing my daughter around the ice rink while trying to remain upright and not turn my S90 camera (in video mode) into a really expensive hockey puck.  I'm playing around the iMovie on my new iMac and it's really impressive but I'll be darned if I can figure out how to do anything useful with it yet.  I'm watching tutorials and I think I'll practice on Maddy's Gotcha video since I've never put a video together for her and she's starting to notice that Gwenny has one but she doesn't.  I'm uploading the video from my old Sony Camcorder (that we never used again after Maddy's 2006 adoption) and I have to upload it on my old PC then convert it from AVI to something more Mac friendly then transfer it to the Mac.  Yup, it's tedious.  Anyway, it was fun to the footage of our first minutes together.  I can't believe how little she was!  If I ever get it finished, I'll share it! 


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