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December 31, 2009

New Decade, New Haircut...

Mommy and maddy new haircut framed I've worn my hair long for the last 18 years but as I inch closer to the big Five-Oh, I'm conscious of the fact that I can't pull off this girlish style forever.  Especially since I usually wear my long hair in a scraggly ponytail to keep it out of the way.  Really, that's not my most attractive look even though it's slowly evolved into my most common look.

I visited my favorite beauty shop for a little trim and some "me" time after a very busy holiday and surprised my beautician, Kathy, by pointing at a picture of a woman sporting a VERY short hairdo and saying "I want that!"  Luckily, she knew me well enough to not cut it that short!  Even so, it's pretty short -- about 1 inch in the back and 8 inches in the front.  And I'm not totally sure but I think I love it!

I took the kids to Kids Park while all this cutting and snipping was going on and when I returned to pick them up, Gwenny pointed at me and playfully screamed "You're not my Mommy!" then she smiled big and ran to hug me.  Pulling away to get a better look, she said I look "like a lady" (???).  Maddy saw my new hairstyle and quickly announced that she wanted her hair cut too.  So back we went to see Kathy! 

Maddy held really still while handfuls of her shiny dark brown hair fell to the floor and I looked at my baby sitting there and marveled at how much she'd changed since we met her a bit over three years ago.    Her hair was short then too but it framed a baby's face and now she's so different!  So much older!   She's a beautiful little girl now!  I really think I like her new hairstyle even more than mine!  

PS:  I clumsily edited the photo above using my new Photoshop CS4 program.   I even added the frame (woo hoo!).  Phew!  I'm pretty excited about Photoshop after years and years and years as a loyal PaintShop Pro user.   The transition is challenging but not as difficult as I feared.  Now I feel like I own a Lamborghini and I've figured out how to get it out of Park and into First and forced it to take me around the block (with the transmission screaming and begging me to shift)! My goal in 2010 is to learn to get it up to 4th gear and cruise at 110 MPH!


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