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December 09, 2009

Christmas trees, etc...

We've been busy and there's no chance that I can chunk any of what we've been doing into neat little blog posts so I have to toss it all together like a peanut butter and pickle sandwich except that our sandwich happens to also be smothered in ketchup (or "ktchepy", as Gwenny so adoringly refers to it).

The day after Thanksgiving, just a few hours before Tiger Woods hit a tree (and a bunch of ladies fell out of it), we were digging around in the attic for our Christmas stuff.  Gwen and Maddy decorated our tree almost entirely by themselves but most of the ornaments were in the lower 1/3 so we moved a few of them up.  We only found one Santa hat and Maddy wore it for a while before Gwen insisted on her turn.  If I could read the mind of the cat, I'm pretty sure I'd hear requests for more salmon skin and multiple pleas that she might be spared the humiliation of being forced to wear that hat herself.  Sorry Kitty, looks like tonight isn't your lucky night.

20091205-kitty gwenny santa hat snowflake blog background

We went to the mall over the weekend and saw these cool animal rides.  I used our Canon S90 to take a few videos.  These things are pretty fun and we found out that we can rent a dozen of them (and a "Zoo Keeper") and have them at our house for a birthday party!   Wow!  We're up for that!  That's going to be incredibly fun and I can hardly wait until next summer!

What you can't tell from this charming video is all of the insanity that descended upon me when I tried to convert the camera's .mov video file to something readable by my PC's default video editing software.  Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!!!

I must have spent several hours searching for free software and trying to convert the files and I have a fuzzy memory of stomping into the family room like a felon on PCP with my eyes bulging and screaming a bunch of gibberish about Canon cameras and JFK assassination conspiracies and probably a bunch of other stuff.  It was so bad that Andrew took the kids for a drive to give Mommy some alone time.  Then he returned with this:

20091208-gwen and maddy in iMac box021 border

Yes, that's an iMac box so Mommy has officially moved to The Dark Side.  Owning a Mac is pretty cool but when I sit in front of it, I can't help but feel as though I'm wearing a Wonder Bra.  Sure, everything looks better (much better!) but I'm insanely uncomfortable!   

The jury is still out but I have to admit that I like the perky youthful look even if I'm squirming in my Aeron.


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