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November 23, 2009

Santa, Bounce-A-Rama, ISBN, Beef Tamales, Falafel, Weird Stringed Instruments, Tikka Masala and a Nekkid Dip in the Pool!

Weekend 11 22 09

The weekend started out like any other.  Five of us (two adults, two girls and one cat) snuggled through the usual Saturday morning Nickelodeon cartoon lineup then leaped from bed to the shower into our clothes then into the van for a day of fun and excitement.  As usual, the cat skipped the shower and van excursion. 

The next day, we repeated the process.

I suspect that most of you are totally satisfied by this level of detail about our family's 47th weekend of 2009 but this blog is our family journal so I'm obligated to flesh it out a bit.

Saturday:  We went to breakfast then Great Mall where we encountered a very lonely looking Santa.  No line at all!  So even though the kids weren't dressed for it, we fed them some ideas about what to ask Santa to bring them (stuff we already bought them) and snapped a quick pic with the jolly old guy.    When we got home, I scanned the photo and changed the colors of the girls sweaters to what you see in this photo (originally they were turquoise and purple!).  Curious to know what the kids asked for?

Gwen:   Star Wars Light Saber and Toy Story game
Maddy:  Race Car game

Yes, we've double checked and our daughters really are girls.

After Santa pictures, we walked around the mall some more then headed home so the girls could grab a quick nap to help prepare for what was next - a friend's birthday party at Bounce-A-Rama.  Only three words to describe that experience:  Crazy Delicious Fun!

Sunday:  We went to Campbell's weekly street market for breakfast.  We've been to the market many times over the years but we've never eaten anything other than small tempting samples of the food there.  Today that all changed because we finally decided to make Street Fair food into a main course!

We started with Chicken Tikka Masala and fresh baked Naan for the kids (a favorite).  They'd close their eyes in silent appreciation during every blissfully delicious mouthfull and Mommy and Daddy would use that moment to spork up a bite or two for ourselves.   Then Daddy got a fried falafel sandwich on pita bread with shredded carrots and cucumbers and lettuce and creamy dressing.  Wow.... that was good!    He ate almost all of it and Mommy had two bites too.

Then Mommy got a beef tamale with mild chile sauce and shared a few bites with Daddy before wrapping it up and tucking it away and heading the next course: a spinach and tomato and cheddar crepe with sauteed mushrooms and roasted bell pepper sauce.  Oh My Gosh...... it was heaven!  We only ate 1/4 of it so we could save room for dessert:  A pumpkin nut mini-muffin for Mommy and a double chocolate chip muffin for Daddy!  Plus tasty samples of all sorts of stuff like ripe persimmons and ruby red strawberries and tangy tangerines and red grapes and crisp apples.  Yummmm!

Between all these bites, we strolled casually  through the market and visited the various vendors who were selling everything from home sewn hats and purses to sugar-free biscotti.  There were musicians scattered about and we really enjoyed a blue's singer and a guy playing a big giant stringed instrument (what is that!?).  He was really good! 

There were several stores who wisely chose to open their doors on a Sunday morning to take advantage of all the pedestrian traffic.  One of our favorites was a used book store with a semi-famous kitty named Isbn.  

After fully exploring all of Campbell's streen market, we took the kids to Kid's Park then Daddy and I went to Home Depot to grab some stuff then took in a movie (a lame one called "Men Who Stare At Goats").  It wasn't all bad but it wasn't great either.  Then we picked up our kids and fed them then tossed them into our little pool for some good clean 98 degree splashy fun!   

Ah.... a fun weekend!

Important:  A very sick little girl needs to find a bone marrow donor as soon as possible. 
You can read about Maya
here.  Please help if you can and please spread the word.


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