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November 14, 2009

Piggy Flu Vaccine


The girls keep mentioning all of their friends who are absent from school every day.  I guess H1N1 has really hit the Kindergarten classes hard but (knock on wood) we've managed to miss it so far.  We've been really diligent about washing our hands but that's about it.  The vaccine didn't even come to our county until last weekend. 

A friend told us it was finally available but warned us that he and his 7 months pregnant wife stood in line for over 4 hours before she got her shot.  We knew we needed the girls to get vaccinated too but the prospect of standing around for four hours was really daunting.  Our plan was to find the most remote location in our county and go there.  So that's what we did.

Yesterday, we packed our double stroller and charged up our iPod's and grabbed some snacks and headed to Gilroy for the vaccine.  We got there at 10:30 and the line was pretty long but, to our amazement, we were finished and back in our van just 15 minutes later!  They had a really good system in place and plenty of medical personnel and we were in and out in no time. 

Expecting a long wait, we didn't tell the girls what was up until the very last minute.  We were actually standing in front of the nurse and staring down at a huge platter of syringes before Gwen even noticed anything.  When she saw them, she said, "I don't like shots!" and I said "It'll be really fast" and that's when it dawned on her and she burst into tears.  It took most of my strength to hold her still for the .5 seconds the nurse needed to administer the shot.  Maddy was cool with it until she realized that it wasn't just Gwen who was getting vaccinated.  But it was quick and easy and not really even very painful.  Plus, we got to pick a pretty sticker afterward.  We do have to go back in 3 weeks for a 2nd shot but I'm hoping it'll be easier since the girls are finally old enough to appreciate that the actual shot hurts much less than the anticipation.  And let there be no doubt that there'll be some pretty nice bribery involved too.  Yep, we're not above that sort of thing. 

I heard Gwenny playing in her room at nap time so I peeked in and caught her giving a shot to her Curious George monkey.  I returned with the camera and couldn't get her to pose with her monkey/patient but did manage to capture this cute pic. 

So, who's getting (or got) the vaccine?  Anyone know how long it needs to percolate before the kids are immune?   I just hope our luck holds out until then!


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