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November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks - 2009

Like all years, we have much to be thankful for.  We are abundantly blessed and I hope we never take any of our blessings for granted.    My goal this coming year is to be more verbal about giving thanks to God because one of my daughters put her fingers in her ears while I was saying grace before our Thanksgiving meal last night.    This was in sharp contrast to how I felt during that prayer because my heart was so full of gratitude that I had to choke back tears to make it through to the amen at the end. 

We have a strong marriage and three healthy and well adjusted kids.  Our extended family is doing well even though my Dad is getting up there in age and starting to feel it a bit more than he'd like.  But we're all blessed with the sweet gift of friendship and all of our physical needs are being met.   What more could anyone really ask for?

Gwen and Maddy were excited about dinner this Thanksgiving because they've been learning about this holiday in Kindergarten.  When Gwen got up from her nap, the table was set and all the food was there but she was confused because she thought there would be pilgrims and indians too.   Here's our "feast":

Our 2009 feast

Michael was with us again this year. We know we won't always be blessed to share this day with our grown son so it's that much more sweet to have him now.  Especially because he chooses to spend this day with us.  Someday, we'll have to share him with his new family on holidays but, for now, he's ours.   

He's been a vegetarian since 8th grade so, in addition to the traditional bird for the rest of us, I made a Tofurkey Roast for him for thanksgiving.

Turkey? or Tofurky?

I also made vegetarian cornbread stuffing with herbs and finely chopped celery, water chestnuts and mushrooms.    I was really good!

Gwen and Maddy are finally starting to figure out that the meat we eat matches up to the type of animal it's named after.  For example, fish sticks actually come from real fish and chicken nuggets come from actual chickens.  Maddy thinks we're kidding when we tell her this.  She just can't fathom it.    Gwen is totally freaked out that a baby bird will tumble out of the egg when she cracks it open for a recipe.  She's relieved every time to not see feathers and feet.

We weren't planning to go out into the Black Friday craziness but it was raining and we couldn't do much else so we went to Fry's to see if there were any great bargains.  

Back in 2005, we purchased a brand new front loading washer and dryer but couldn't bring ourselves to buy the pedestal at the same time because they were ridiculously expensive and seemed like too much of a splurge.  However, I do 5 or 6 loads of laundry per week and each time I load or unload the machine I feel like I'm auditioning for lead contortionist for Cirque Du Soleil.  If they ever need a slightly frumpy middle aged mom who can bend 270 degrees while straddling a plastic laundry basket and cursing simultaneously in three languages, I may have a new career!  

Imagine my pathetic attempt to contain my excitement when I noticed the stupid overpriced pedestals were on sale for 50% off.  Andrew laughed at me and said he wished he had the video camera.  I guess this means I'm not a Diva anymore, huh.   

We also picked up a discounted small flat screen tv to mount on the wall in front of our treadmill.  I walk about four miles outside each day while the girls are at school and I love it (and my good mental health depends on it) so the tv will help keep me entertained and motivated to stick with it through the cold wet winter months ahead. 

Other than that, we've been finished with our holiday shopping since September.  We're not really sure how that happened because we weren't pushing to get it done early.  We just happened to find the perfect gifts early.  REI was a MAJOR source of goodies this year.  Gosh, I love that store!  ToysRus came through too and the girls are getting a Wii and a few Wii games.  They're also getting adorable super hero capes that I saw on the Salsa In China blog.  Michael is getting a new Mac laptop computer that he can use for school (he's a Graphic Design major at The Art Institute in San Francisco).  Andrew is getting some super secret stuff and for me?  Well, I have everything I could ever want or need -- and then some.    Yep, our cup runneth over!

I hope all of our US friends had a nice Thanksgiving and everyone else had reason to be thankful too.    Now I think I'll go make a turkey sandwich!


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