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November 02, 2009

A happy ending

One photo portrait

About an hour after I took this photo of Maddy and the girl puppy in the backyard of our home (yesterday), both puppies went missing.  Andrew found them on his way home from his weekly jog.  We examined every inch of our 5 foot high fence and didn't see any place where they might have escaped.  An hour later, we headed out to dinner and they were missing again.

We looked everywhere but there was no sign of them.  We left our gate propped open and our side garage door ajar so they could get back in and have a heated blanket and fresh food and water waiting for them.  But they never returned.  This morning, they were still gone and we feared the worse.  Three perils that await puppies:  Cold, cars and coyotes.  We figured it was just a matter of time before they fell victim to one of those things and it really tugged on our heart.

Coming home from our local park this morning, Maddy spotted a lady walking two small dogs so I turned the van around and, sure enough, it was our puppies.  I asked her if the puppies were hers and she said they were.  I asked her if she'd not seen the posters we'd posted EVERYWHERE and she said she did but didn't get around to responding to them before the dogs showed up on their own.  She said she'd had them only three days. 

Hmmm..... I found them on Friday afternoon so that didn't make much sense to me but I didn't quibble because I really just wanted these puppies to have a home!   

And so they shall!  A happy ending for everyone.  Especially the puppies!


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