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September 03, 2009

Maddy had a little dot - it's hue was yellow as snow....

Okay, I'm really bad to be making jokes about this and it's certainly not that I don't take class room discipline seriously but I just couldn't resist that subject line.  Someday, I'm sure Maddy will find it funny too.

Our new Kindergartners have a system at school whereby we, as parents, are kept informed of our child's behavior via a glorious system known as the Daily Dot. 

Every morning, I kiss my kids and smile and wave and holler "Have a wonderful, Green Dot, day!"  after them as they skip merrily off to class.  You see, if the daily dot is green, the day was good.  But if the dot is yellow, then there was a little problem.  At some point, there's a red dot involved but we believe that's reserved for kids who bring porn or guns or wear Sarah Palin t-shirts to class.

Yellow dot Today, Maddy had a Yellow Dot Day.   She clobbered another child at recess and rather than apologize, she opted to take the dreaded yellow dot.  Yep, that's our Maddy.  She would take the amputation over the option of opening her sweet tiny yap and mouthing the words "I'm Sorry" to another person.  Stubborn?  Ya think? 

Once the deed was done and recorded, she was pretty upset.  In fact, to say she was distraught about this is a tremendous understatement.  When she saw that yellow dot, it was all over.

Gwen got her first (thus far) yellow dot last week, she seemed to be rather impressed by it and ran back into her class at the end of the day to grab her teacher by the hand so that she might bring her to me and confess her sin with the largest audience possible. 

Maddy would have nothing of that.  When her teacher sauntered over to casually deliver the news, Maddy climbed up into my arms and buried her face in my neck and sobbed.   She takes these things SO hard!  She's not always tender in the way she plays with other kids but she's plenty tender in the way she responds to criticism or... (gasp!)...  correction.

Looking forward to only Green Days from here on out!


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