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September 01, 2009

Weekend in Seattle

Seattle blog

Our friend, Elizabeth, got married recently so we flew up to help her celebrate.  Elizabeth and Andrew were in high school together so they've been friends for... ahem, at least 10 years <wink>.  

Our girls are really good at this air travel thing.  They're just barely five years old but we fly so often that they could probably navigate the entire process completely on their own.  A handy skill should we ever decide to take separate vacations while they're still in elementary school. 

Elizabeth has a beautiful house and family and the most amazing Bull Mastiff I've ever seen.  Her name is Ellie and she's a sweet and gentle giant.   Gwen loved her immediately (Gwen knows no fear) but Maddy was horrified.  We stepped into the house and she took one look at this 200 pound dog and her beach ball sized head and couldn't get away fast enough.  She looked like a cartoon as she raced around us three times then practically climbed Daddy like a tree!   The rest of the weekend, Maddy and Ellie always had to be separated by a locked door. 

Ellie by gwen aug 09

Gwen doesn't usually have much interest in art but she wanted to draw her pal, Ellie.  She did this all by herself (I told her how to spell Ellie though) and I think it's a pretty good likeness!  Seriously, I'll treasure this one forever because it's the first drawing she really put her heart into. 

We brought the camera to Washington but, unfortunately, forgot to bring it along with us for most of the weekend.  So no pics of any of our time in Bellevue (the city, not the mental institution).  That means the picture of Ellie, below, isn't really Ellie.  But this blog is about memories and I wanted something that would remind the girls of Ellie.    We left for the airport a little bit early so we could do a little sight seeing and we did remember the camera for that!  Of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without seeing the Space Needle.  I thought it would be impressively tall -- like the Eiffel Tower -- so it was a bit of a disappointment from that standpoint but still interesting and the view from the top was spectacular! 

While we were up on top of the Space Needle, we bumped into Kevin and Carolina (Andrew went to high school with Kevin too).  Of course, they were at Elizabeth's house with us earlier in the weekend but we didn't plan to meet up with them in Seattle so it was funny to find ourselves up on top of that historical Washington State landmark at the same time.  Especially considering we're both from California.

Seattle 2 cropped

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