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September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

I don't care about birthdays very much these days but my kids LOVE them so I "celebrate" for their benefit. 

Maddy made me a sweet birthday card that was a hodgepodge of every little thing she knows how to draw along with her full name, printed in bold black pen TWICE, just so I don't forget who drew it.  In the middle of the card, she proudly featured my age but Daddy had to tell her how to write it, she said, because "I can't write numbers that big."  I hugged her and thanked her but told her to go back and inform Daddy that he told her the wrong age.  I'm actually 41.  Silly Daddy!

This year, I got a fabulous new toy for my birthday!   Don't you just love the pink jeweled case?


I'm enjoying all those cool applications (my favorite thus far is G-park and the Google Mobile app).  We also have a ton of kiddy apps so the girls love playing with my iphone almost as much as I do!  I think I read that there are something like 10,000 applications so I'd love to hear some recommendations.  Is there something you think is really cool or can't imagine not having on your phone?

My other present is a new kitchen table.  Well, it's not really *my* present but since we bought it last night, it kinda feels like mine :)


We're really excited that we'll have 10 adults and 3 small kids in our home for Christmas this year and we always seem to prefer the kitchen table to the dining room table so this new table will be much more practical for us. 

Plus, our old table was purchased for our old kitchen in our old house and that eating area was square.  Our new house (that we've been in for over 3 years) has a rectangular eat-in kitchen area so a bigger table has always been on our list of improvements. 

We thought we might need several months of shopping to find the perfect table but we started looking last night "just for fun" and were amazed to find the absolutely perfect table within an hour!  So we bought it!  We don't buy furniture very often and we tend to keep our furniture for an insanely long time (I still have the bed Michael used as a 3 year old and all of the furniture I bought for our living room in the early 1990's!) so this didn't feel like a frivolous purchase even though it was certainly not inexpensive.

I spent some time poking around ebay and craig$list to see what we might get for our old table and it was truly pathetic so we've decided to give it away instead.  If you want it, email me and if you've ever commented on this blog before -- or if you have a blog (or something else) that I can look at to verify that you're someone "normal", I'll let you have it.  But if you're a total stranger, please understand our safety concerns and don't even bother asking.  It's a really nice table (see it here and here) but we'll donate it to Salvation Army if we don't find someone local to pick it up and give it a good home. :)


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