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September 16, 2009

Hairbands, Bandaids, Bad Boo-Boos & Bento

In any given day, we're likely to snap 100 photos so tagging them is always an interesting challenge. 

Today's batch was "Hairbands, Band-aids, Bad Boo-Boos & Bento".   Interesting combo? 

Here are the details:


We have quite the assortment of hairbands around here.  We've tried to sort them in various ways but this one seems to work best.  It's a belt organizer called "Round a Belt" from Bed Bath & Beyond and it works perfectly to keep our pretty elastic bands in order.  I can carry it into the playroom while I do their hair in the morning before school or I can toss the whole thing into a suitcase and take it with us on a trip.  It's perfect!
Today, our day started like any other which included my usual ritual of turning on the curling iron (like I have for the past 30 years).  But, today, Gwen learned firsthand why I've always warned her to keep her distance.
She brushed against it but never made a peep.  Then she ran to the bath tub to swish some water over her injury (still no peep) and finally came to me and 'confessed' that she'd burned herself. 
She was SOOO SOOO SORRY!  As if she'd done something wrong but, of course, I reassured her that it wasn't her fault and was just a bad accident.  Then I resumed my worry since I could see how bad the burn was (her burned skin was turning blue!).  I rushed her into the kitchen and found an icepack to apply to her burn and that bought me a few minutes to figure out what to do next. 
Unfortunately, I picked the TOTALLY WRONG THING.  
We have a big collection of band-aids and I was sure at least one type was for burns but I picked the wrong bandage. I didn't have the boxes so I had to go off of a visual and I ended up picking one that was for blisters and not for burns.  Ohmygosh!  NOT right!
After I applied it, I kept looking at it and finally had to admit to myself that I picked the wrong one. 
Then I had to remove it. 
Oh man, it was difficult!   I pulled it off under a steady stream of cold water (which felt good) and she just cried and cried the whole time.  Afterwards, we all loaded into the van and headed to the drug store to find something more appropriate as a wound dressing.  The Pharmacist recommended Neosporin and a simple adhesive bandage and that worked perfectly so we applied it and wiped our tears and off to school we went. 
After school, Gwen was her usual happy self and I snapped a few of these photos just before nap time today. The first one is our collection of bandaids.  Usually, this serves us well.  The rest were Gwen hamming it up for the camera.  She was pretty happy to show off her injury but it looks worse because I applied a bunch of Neopsorin ointment before slapping on the bandage.
Burn crop
After nap, we had dinner and that brings me to the last part of this post..... Our Typical Dinner:
Gwen loves her carbs and Maddy loves all that --- PLUS everything else. 
Can you tell which plate belongs to which kid? 


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