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September 18, 2009

"Adieu to you, and you and you and you" (any sound of music fans?) !UPDATE!


I'm not sure how it happened but my RSS feed subscriptions are totally out of control.  Again.  

The last time I complained about this, many of you suggested that I switch from Bloglines to Google Reader and I took your advice and, gosh, it was so much better!  Heck I could even read my favorite blogs from my iPhone while I stood in sweltering 99 degree direct sunlight waiting to pick up Gwen and Maddy from Kindergarten each afternoon.  An invaluable opportunity to reclaim some lost internet time were it not for all that annoying glare and drippy wet sweat.  

Every morning, I wake up my girls and grab my laptop and we all snuggle in bed with one kid on each side while we watch Curious George on PBS.  Every now and then, they'll glance over at the computer screen and gesticulate enthusiastically and ask about the cute kid they see in the blog post I'm viewing.  They know all of you and almost never say the wrong name. 

And I just sit there feeling guilty because I can't seem to carve out the time to individually open any of those blogs to comment on anything you've written and this really presses hard on my guilt-button because there are so many blogs out there and I've come to know and care about so many of my blogging friends over the years and I appreciate how much time and emotional energy goes into the posting on a blog and I want to participate in what you're sharing. 

It's been weighing heavy on my heart and I've given it lots of thought over the last month or so and I've finally decided that I really need to start fresh and delete ALL of my subscriptions and only subscribe to the blogs of people who are currently reading mine.

So let me know if you're reading this blog or interested in having me follow yours.  You can comment or subscribe to my list of "followers" (see list on the far left menu).  From now on, I'm only following my follower's blogs.

As I type this, the girls are in the playroom watching "Sound of Music" for the thirty-eleventh time and the "Farewell" song is playing.  You know, the one where they all say goodnight and run upstairs?  It's ringing through the house and it's pretty much impossible to get out of my head and it really does seem especially poignant because I know that there are some old blogger friends that I won't see anymore after this post.  Sad, but I sincerely wish them well.  

In the morning, I hope to have a much shorter list of RSS feeds and a new level of clarity and deeper appreciation of all of my blogger friends!

UPDATE:  I'm deeply touched by all of the comments and private emails and additions to my "follow me" list.  Really, I couldn't have ever anticipated this!  But as flattering as it is to have so many wonderful blogger friends, it's just not really helping me to pare down my list of blogs that I follow!  I still have no idea what I'll do since it'll take a week (that I don't have) to try to add and remove blogs based on what I've learned from all of this.   I'm still not sure what to do.  Maybe I'll just 'visit' the blogs of people who comment until I figure out a better method.   


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