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September 14, 2009

A Wonderful World

Gwen pony sep 09 redo blog

This is my baby, Gwenny, on her very first *moving* pony ride!  Loyal followers might remember that there was poor ol' Popeye from last year's preschool photo shoot but he didn't get to walk around so that didn't really count an an authentic "ride".  This time, the Beast Beneath her Bottom actually trotted -- and she LOVED it! 

Now, instead of a toy firetruck for Christmas, we're a bit worried that we'll have to accomodate dreams of a real live horsey!  Sigh.... yet another opportunity to help our kids understand the harsh reality that you don't always get what you want. 

We have a bunch of photos of the apathetic old dude who was assigned the task of escorting Gwen and this poor old pony around the hot arena at Gilroy Gardens but I thought it would be more fun to remember the ride this way (click the pretty image, above, for a much more impressive view).  Ah, the beauty of digital scrapbooking!  (curious to see the original photo?  Its <here>)

The text, of course, is from the song "What a wonderful world", a lovely song performed by Louis Armstrong.  We danced to this at our wedding. 


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