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August 27, 2009

I hope this means she'll be good at math

Good at math blog

Aside from those first day jitters (and tears), school as been really going well all week long. Each morning, the girls are excited to go to school and they're all smiles when I pick them up in the afternoon.  They're also REALLY tired! 

I thought naps might be phased out but we seem to have renewed interest in them.  When I announce that it's nap time, they trip over one another trying to get to the TV to turn it off.  Then they put themselves in their room and close their door and climb into bed.  An hour later, I wake them up.

Today, I was greeted with an especially interesting sight when I walked into Gwen's room.  She was sound asleep with a calculator tied to her head!  Naturally, I had to grab the camera.   I snapped this photo then crawled into her bed to snuggle her awake and discovered that she had a ruler tied to one foot and a pedometer tied to the other!  Really, I'm not even sure what the heck to make of any of this.   I guess my girl likes numbers!  


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