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July 13, 2009

I always say I'm going to try to write this stuff down

I'm busy sifting through all the stuff we uncovered after moving our home office from one room of our house to another room.  There are piles of things everywhere and it's taking some time to figure out where everything should go.  Meanwhile, the kids aren't supposed to touch any of it and the challenge is proving especially hard for Gwen.

Mommy:  "I see that you're touching some things I asked you not to touch."
Gwenny:  "But it's so pretty and I like it!"
Mommy:  "We had a deal though.  You can play with everything else
              but you must leave this stuff alone.  If you bother it again,
              you'll be punished."
Gwenny:  "PUNCHED!?" (Eyes big as saucers) "
Mommy:  (Doubled over with laughter) "Not PUNCHED, Honey.  PUNISHED!"




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