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May 15, 2009

Our Fashion Princess

I thought I'd share this photo as part of M3's Fashion Friday challenge.  

I was making lunch and listening to Michael Bublé and Maddy was excited to dance.  Of course, she can't dance unless she's wearing proper dance attire and this was her sélection du jour.    Hee hee... as you can see, she's not very excited about having her picture taken when it's taking up valuable dance time!

Maddy princess grunge-000001 
Such a beautiful face!  

Speaking of beautiful faces, I just found out that there are five babies from her orphanage who need foster care sponsors.  Less than $2 per day allows a child in Qinzhou to live with a family instead in an orphanage.  Maddy was sponsored and we pay that gift forward by also sponsoring.  The updates and photos are so special! 


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