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April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

What's in your basket?

The Easter Bunny always makes our baskets identical so why are my girls more interested in the contents of their sister's basket than their own?

20070408 easter 2 014  

This photo is my favorite Easter photo of all time.   All the pics from today are still in the camera so I'll try to get those posted tomorrow.  Until then, I hope you don't mind the repeat posting of this super dooper cute picture.

April 10, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

Our friend, M3, created this super fun bloggy game called Fashion Challenge Friday.  Trust me, fashion is ALWAYS  a challenge in our house so we're not likely to run out of material anytime soon.  At least if Maddy has anything to say about it!  (For now, Gwen could really care less about clothes). 

Here's my baby girl.  She came home from school three days ago and stripped down to Elmo undies and pulled this super fun outfit together all by herself.  It's a little bit Fairy Ballerina and a little bit Pirate.  I think the pink velour purse and "Camp Rock" shoes are the perfect accessory, don't you?  Maddy with wings and tutu-000001


I'm Getting Behinder and Behinder!

I've really fallen behind in updating the blog with pics and stories about all the stuff we do each week.   When this happens, I feel like I can't post the most recent stuff because all that older stuff is still waiting.  So I fall more and more behind.  Yep, "behinder and behinder", as my Gwenny would say. 

We print the blog each year and anything not in the blog is pretty much lost forever so I really have to keep this up.  So here are some random pics from the last few weeks.  Starting with the most recent and moving backwards:

April 10, 2009 - Our Odd-Year Easter Bunny photo

Easter 2009 with bunnyThe girls seem to only tolerate this freaky over sized bunny after a 24 month break. 

In 2006, Gwen wasn't having anything to do with him but 2007 gave us <these> cute pics. 

Then, last year, both kids were okay with Santa (finally!) but Bunny was on their blacklist. 

This year, we waited in line for an hour and Maddy was enthusiastic but Gwen seemed like she was more than ready to give up the odd years bunny ritual too.  Not even the bribe of a smooth chocolaty foil wrapped Easter egg would put a smile on her pretty face!  But Maddy had enough of a smile for both of them!  

April 9, 2009 - Pretty!

Many thanks to Michelle for these beautiful bracelets!  The girls love them (and Mommy does too!) and we'll treasure them always!

A few minutes after I took this photo above, Gwen left an opened juice pouch on the floor and Maddy slipped in it and hurt herself (slightly).  When I scolded Gwen for indirectly causing her sisters accident, she looked at me incredulously and said "I don't see any blood."   Yeah, the compassion brought tears to my eyes too.  You might want to remember this if you scroll down to "My Sister, My Friend" and start to get choked up.

Bracelets 005 

April 7, 2009 - You only hurt the one you love.

Here's Gwen "loving" her Kitty.    Not sure why Kitty puts up with such nonsense but she seems to thrive on any degree of affection.

Torturing the cat-000001

April 5, 2009 - Opening Weekend at Gilroy Gardens.

Today was the 2nd day of the new season at Gilroy Gardens.   We've waited an eternity to return to this place.  It's our third season and even though we love most of our local parks, there really isn't any place we love as much as Gilroy Gardens.

The girls were very excited that Mommy painted their face before we left for the park (a tradition).  My skills at "paint facing" (as the kids call it) are a bit rusty but the girls didn't seem to care.

First day bonfante-000001 

April 4, 2009 - Opening Weekend at Great America.

This was our first time EVER to Great America.  How is it possible that we've lived so close to this place for so many years but never visited?  They have a great season pass deal that gets us into Great America AND Gilroy Gardens for the entire season.  The girls are too short for most of the rides but they can ride some of them (including this bouncy free-fall fun thing below) and it's an easy way to kill an afternoon.  When it's hotter, the water park is doing to be pretty awesome!

(That's Daddy on the Junior Jump with Maddy to his right and Gwen to his left)

Great america 029 

So that's April so far.  I still have two pretty special events from March to share but that will have to wait a bit longer.  At least I'm semi caught up now!  Phew!  And just in time for the Easter pics that are sure to follow later this weekend!

Happy Easter/Passover!

April 08, 2009


This is one of my all-time favorite photos of Daddy with his precious Daughters. It was taken just a couple of weeks after we came home with Maddy (September 2006). Those who know us well, know about all the years (and the heartbreaking losses) we went through to get these two beautiful children in our arms and that makes this photo even more special to me.

Mamarazzi daughters redo resized    

(To see a larger version of this photo, click <here>)

I struggled with this month's theme ("Daughters") because ALL of my photos seem to be of my daughters and even though I think the pics are lovely, I couldn't imagine how I could take a single picture that was worthy of such a precious title. A Daughter is a relationship and how can one image illustrate something so beautiful and complex? Then I remembered this photo. Like I said, I've always loved it but it really wasn't technically very good at all. It was dark and the white balance was all wrong and it had a really distracting bunch of stuff (my messy office!) in the background.

So I fixed it.

To me, photography is all about creating a record of beautiful memories and not necessarily about producing photos that look perfect straight out of the camera. Someday I hope to be that good but, for now, I'm happy to use my photo editing skills to make up for my photographic shortcomings and help my photos be all they can be!

Here's the original photo (click for larger view):20060928 038

Camera: Canon Rebel XT
Mode: Manual
Lens: Canon EF-S 17-85 IS
Focal Length: 17mm
ISO: 400
Aperture: f4
Shutter: 1/60

I'm curious to know what I could have done to make this photo better.  I must have spent two days fixing then re-fixing this photo.  Then I noticed that one of my favorite sites (I faces was offering some "constructive feedback" this week.  Talk about perfect timing! 

April 05, 2009

My Sister, My Friend

Ilovefaces friends forever-000001

We bought these dresses when we were in China in 2006 (Maddy's adoption).  The girls were just barely two years old and these dresses seemed so huge at the time!  As the years passed, the dresses seemed to get smaller and smaller until last weekend when they finally seemed to be exactly the perfect size! 

Gwen and Maddy love to dress up and don't seem to mind dressing alike.  We don't do it very often since it usually means that people will constantly ask if they're twins (no) and then they ask how different in age they are (36 days) and then they get this weird look as they try to figure out how such a thing is possible.  In the end, we have to explain that they're adopted and even though we're really happy to talk about adoption with strangers, it does get pretty old when we have to do it several times per day.  So, that's why we don't usually dress them alike.  :)

You can see more pretty photos from this backyard photo shoot in the flickr slide show below.  I think my favorite is the one where Gwen tossed the apple. 

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