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April 05, 2009

My Sister, My Friend

Ilovefaces friends forever-000001

We bought these dresses when we were in China in 2006 (Maddy's adoption).  The girls were just barely two years old and these dresses seemed so huge at the time!  As the years passed, the dresses seemed to get smaller and smaller until last weekend when they finally seemed to be exactly the perfect size! 

Gwen and Maddy love to dress up and don't seem to mind dressing alike.  We don't do it very often since it usually means that people will constantly ask if they're twins (no) and then they ask how different in age they are (36 days) and then they get this weird look as they try to figure out how such a thing is possible.  In the end, we have to explain that they're adopted and even though we're really happy to talk about adoption with strangers, it does get pretty old when we have to do it several times per day.  So, that's why we don't usually dress them alike.  :)

You can see more pretty photos from this backyard photo shoot in the flickr slide show below.  I think my favorite is the one where Gwen tossed the apple. 


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