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March 17, 2009

First visit to the Dentist and nobody cried (not even Mommy)

First Trip to the Dentist
No Cavities - No Tears

No cavities-blog 
Today was Gwen and Maddy's first trip to the Dentist.  Some of you might think we're slackers for waiting so long to do this but we really were keeping an eye on their dental health and we had a pretty good idea that everything was just fine.  

Why did we wait so long?  Well, the kiddos are kinda bashful around strangers and more than a little nervous around medical people in white lab coats (clutching shiny sharp objects) so we figured there was a pretty good likelihood that they wouldn't get anywhere near that freaky looking reclining chair.  And even if they did muster the courage for that, there was almost zero chance that they'd unclench their teeth and let anyone look inside their mouth. 

But eventually this day had to come.  As hard as it is for us to really believe, this is the year our girls start Kindergarten and the registration deadline is fast approaching.  A visit to the Dentist is a required part of their school application.  So there you have it.  That was our motivation.  Were it not for this, there's a strong probability that their first visit would still be months away. 

We played "Dentist" for several days so they knew the drill (absolutely no pun intended).  Then, just before we left for our 11:30 appointment, I sweetened the deal by offering three or four of their favorite bribes as payment for cooperation and bravery.  Then we brushed our teeth one extra time and off we went. 

The staff were all super friendly so the exam was easy.  There was some wide-eyed fear for a worried minute or two but everyone was patient and gentle and my little girls finally started to relax.   Near the end, our Dentist spoke the two words every parents loves to hear:  "No cavities" and the kids got to pick from a dozen flavors of tooth polish.  Maddy picked chocolate (no surprise there) and Gwenny picked "blue".  What exactly does blue taste like?  Well, apparently, it tastes like cookies and cream at our clinic!

Afterwards, they got their picture taken for the No Cavity Wall Of Fame and got to pick a toy from the toy basket.  They also got a new toothbrush, some fun stickers, and several samples of yummy toothpaste!  When we got home, Gwen dove into her goody bag and started devouring toothpaste samples like they were halloween booty!  I stopped her as fast as I could but her breath was sweet for the rest the day!

Any new experience that doesn't involve outright parental defiance, mournful crying, cowering behind Mommy's legs, or hysteria induced vomiting is an accomplishment in our household so our first visit to the family Dentist was a glorious success!

And how was your day?  :)


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