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March 29, 2009

I ♥ faces - Pouting

Pretty little pouter blog 

Normally, I delete all the sad faces in every photo shoot but this one tugged at my heart even though I thought I'd long since grown immune to this particular form of psychological warfare. 

Notice her left eyelid?   It's the droopy one that sags mournfully upon hearing the news that we're late for school and might not have time to stop for donuts.    C'mon -- we all love donuts so who wouldn't sympathize with that!?   My favorite donut is the glazed twist and Maddy loves the glazed-raised donut holes.  Gwen  adores the chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles.   Really, you have to know that heaven must have streets lined in those!

The other theme this week on I faces is "pets".  I guess they didn't think pouting would be an appropriate theme for adults.  Ha!  obviously, they've not met me!

Anyway, here's our sweet kitty:  "Kitty". 

I love kitty blog

Originally, her name was "Baby" but that got pretty confusing when we actually had babies around the house.   I'd ask if Baby had water and Daddy would fetch a bottle of water for Gwen while the cat sat there and drooled (or might have, if she wasn't quite so parched).  Obviously, we had to change her name before Gwen got a litter change instead of a diaper change and the cat got a dinner of strained peas!

This photo was taken in our backyard on a beautiful day filled with sunshine and delicious sparrows! 


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