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March 22, 2009

I ♥ faces - No Flash

Maddy wearing daddy hat-blog  

It's big and bulky but we our take our Canon 5D camera with us when we go on walks just in case the perfect photo op presents itself.  On this particular day, the sun was setting and our sweet Madeline was full of giggles as she successfully managed - for the gazillionth time - to heist Daddy's hat.  Gwen loves this game too and both kids will play it to the verge of exhaustion or until somebody's laughter gets so hysterical than they come down with a major case of the hiccups.  I think a big part of the appeal of this game is that Daddy feigns shock and amazement that his hat got swiped.  Personally, I would get sorta tired of this game but Daddy has much more patience than I do.   Just one of the many reasons we love him so much!  This is one of our favorite photos!  I present Madeline:  Thief of Hats and Hearts! 


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