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March 30, 2009

Hanging out at the bar

Hanging out at the bar blog 
Inspired by 2024 Olympic Gymnastic hopeful, Maisie Miao, we erected a horizontal pole in our backyard and turned the girls loose (click image for larger view). 

Gwen immediately figured out how to hang upside down and pull her legs through and do a flip but she's not quite mastered the part about not letting go of the pole until her feet are safely on the ground.  The result?  Well, you can imagine.  I would have taken a pic of her comically ungraceful landing were it not for the fact that she was facing me when she fell and her wood chip crusted face seemed to be pleading with me to put down the camera and render comfort.  But this is Gwen and she's fearless so before I could pick any of the pieces of bark from her hair, she was back on her feet and climbing up the pole again.

Maddy is much more cautious and nailed her dismount on the first try!   I'm sure we'll have video soon!


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