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March 01, 2009

Disney's Magic Kingdom (Sunday March 1, 2009)

Sunday family photo castle 
We returned today with our long pants and rain boots and coats because it was COLD!  At least 20 degrees colder even at the warmest part of the day!    It's almost impossible to imagine that I got a sunburn yesterday.

Saturday indians 
I spotted this Indian and immediately recognized him from an earlier trip to Disneyland in 1991.  I had our son, Michael, on a leash because he was prone to running off and trying to join other dysfunctional families.  I remember walking past this statue and dropping my end of the leash over the Indian's rifle and Michael just stood there for the longest time staring at the man he thought was holding him captive.  He was not quite three years old.

Today, Gwen and Maddy were not nearly as bashful about their feelings toward Mr Indian.

Sunday zurg and pooch 
The Buzz Lightyear ride was a big hit as was the Pirates of the Caribbean.   I have so many memories of that adorable little pooch with the keys in is mouth so I'm glad Disney hasn't "updated" it as they have so many of their other attractions.  The Tiki Room will never mean the same thing to me now that Dole isn't sponsoring it and the songs are all different.  It's sad to think about all the generations who will never again have to attempt to try to fall asleep with "Let's all sing like the birdies sing!" playing in their head on an endless loop!  Sigh....

Sunday night castle and 3d glasses  
The 3D show was excellent!  It took a while for us to convince the girls that they needed to keep the glasses ON to have the images fly towards them but they eventually figured it out and they were SOLD!  I think they would have happily repeated this show ten more times tonight!  But mom and dad were happy to just see it once and capture some "stylin'" pictures like this before the show.

Sunday castle at night 

As the sun set, we grabbed a Disney snack and dragged ourselves toward the parking lot where our shuttle bus was waiting.  The next morning, we were off to the airport and headed for home with 400 photos on our digital camera and even more amazing memories in our heart!

Wanna see all the best photos from our trip? 

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