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February 12, 2009

The spice of life

We love to dress up-blog 
I was busy with laundry when they sneaked up on me to surprise me with these quirky disguises.    How was I suppose to resist the urge to smile and hug them then run for the camera?     I don't always take time to appreciate what they get up to when they're unsupervised but I am grateful for the few times that I DO remember to stand back and look at them and smile and realize that they won't be interested in doing this sort of thing forever.  When they outgrow it, it'll be the last time our home will ever be the backdrop for these precious theatrics.

I distinctly remember how much fun it was to dig through the bottom drawer of Mom's dresser and find pretty frilly things to put on and play and pretend.  There were fancy scarves and absurdly skimpy baby-doll nightgowns (the perfect "wedding dress" for a 4 year) and shiny shoes with ridiculously high heels and clip-on pearl earrings of every color and size and yards of gaudy beads that looked like they came straight out of the treasure box!  

When I was in my late 20's, I asked mom about the contents of that bottom drawer because I finally had enough maturity to worry that she might have actually worn any of that crap.  To my relief, she denied it all and assured me that it was all there for my childish enjoyment and pleasure.   I don't care if that was the truth because all I really care about is that I no longer have a picture in my head of Mom wearing organdy petty-pants and vampy leopard print gloves.  It was many years before I'd think about this again.

Other than an unfortunate two week period in 1991 when Michael would ONLY wear his Batman PJ's, he was never interested in role-play or dress-up so it was interesting when Gwen and Maddy started putting our clothes on and pretending to be us.  We got them some cheap pirate costumes then some  dragon masks then the princess clothes then bug antennae and a Doctor kit (and so on and so on, etc) until, before we could say "What the heck are You supposed to be", they were merrily prancing through the house wearing layers of every possible combination of costume or disguise!    

I know it's incredibly cute but I'm kinda glad that I hid the penguin and monkey costumes from the last two Halloweens or they'd probably keel over from heatstroke!  I guess they've not heard the old saying about "less" being "more".   Oh well!  They can certainly pull off this look so what's the harm, right?  :)


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