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February 16, 2009

The Perfect Weekend

What the heck do people with small kids do when it's raining every single day? Do you stay home and bake cookies then run all over the house in a sugar-crazed frenzy until CPS knocks at the door? Do you hang out at Carl's Junior just because they have an indoor play structure, bottomless sodas and a flush toilet? Do you spend so much time at the local Chuck-E-Cheese that you could probably pay your next house payment using nothing but the tickets you've earned while honing your Skee-ball skills? Well, we've been there and done that so we were itching for something new.  This time, our new adventure was bowling.

Valentine weekend blog-000001

It was fun and we'll certainly do it again and we might even bring our fancy camera so we can get a better picture than this lame one of our shoes.

Back at home, the kids napped and we sighed heavily and tried to figure out what we'd do, post nap, to fill the rest of our rainy day. Then we remembered that we not only needed to fill today but we also needed to figure out something for tomorrow since President's Day made this one of our rare three day weekends.

Since we've had so much fun in San Francisco each of the last two weekends, we looked to The City once again. This time, we searched for a hotel with an indoor pool and a nice location and we found Hotel Nikko. This is a luxury high rise hotel in Union Square and we were thrilled to see that we could get the Executive Suite for less than we'd pay for two adjoining rooms at our local Hilton.

The room was amazing. It was a corner room with floor to ceiling windows to showcase a spectacular 17th floor city view on two sides.  The pool was as warm as bath water and our girls had a wonderful time splashing and swimming while the rain came down in buckets on the glass panels waaaaaay above us. It was perfect!

This morning, we woke up to a breathtaking view, snuggled in our big comfy bed and watched cartoons with our girls.  Then we got some breakfast and grabbed our umbrellas and headed two blocks to the Westgate San Francisco Center Mall.  This is no ordinary mall.  It's at least 10 stories high with a gazillion stores and it even has a spiral escalator!    We spent three hours in this mall, purchased nothing but a cookie and a pair of running shoes for Daddy and had a really great time! 

It wasn't raining when we left the mall so we changed our original plan (The Exploritorium) and decided to go to Golden Gate Park instead.  There's a big playground that we heard about and were curious to see.  We finally found it and it was very impressive!  The girls loved the whole thing but liked the concrete "waves" the best.  They're about six feet high and look like a big ocean wave but you can climb up to the top and hang ten (if you dare -- and they didn't).   We spent two hours there before it suddenly started to rain pretty heavily so we pulled our coat over our head and ran as fast as we could back to our van!   Gwen and Maddy loved every wet minute of this exciting turn of events.  Back at the van, both of our happily exhausted little girls were out of their wet coats and strapped securely into their car seats and fast asleep in under five minutes! 

We all had an incredibly fun time and we also managed to wear out our kids!  The Perfect weekend with the perfect outcome and some pretty special memories and photos too. 


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