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February 05, 2009

It all started with an itchy ear (not for the squeamish)

A few days ago, Maddy complained that her ear was itchy.  Since she has tubes in her ears (that I can actually SEE when I look in there!), I warned her that she shouldn't poke her finger in and start scratching.  But did she listen?  Nope. 

Within 24 hours, she had a slight fever then the dripping started.  Yes, something nasty started dripping out of her ear and running down the side of her cheek!  The Doctor says it's an ear infection so now we're on a ten day ritual of three big swigs of this horrid pink antibiotic per day.  Really, I can't understand how even one single child likes the taste of this stuff but it seems they ALL do.   If God is really all knowing, then why didn't He make asparagus taste like Amoxicillin?

Anyway, four doses down and 26 more to go (26,000 if you're Nancy Pelosi). 


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