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February 14, 2009

First Sleepover

Sleepover blog-000001 Tonight was Gwen and Maddy's very first sleepover and they couldn't put their PJ's on and grab their beloved Teddy Bears and super-cool brand new sleeping bags and get out the door quick enough!  Tonight was also the very first time Daddy and Mommy have attended a movie alone since 2005!  Yep, our first movie date in nearly four years!

We grabbed a yummy Food Court dinner then settled into our red velvet seats to enjoy the action film: Taken.  Hey, does anyone else think Liam Neeson looks a bit like Al Bundy?   Anyway, when it was over, Andrew looked at me and said he was certain that he's lost his ability to sit through big screen action films because he was uncomfortably tense throughout the entire movie.  I was so relieved to hear him say that because I felt the same way and was worried that it was just me.  I thought I might be having some physical problem!  Honestly, at one point during the movie, I took my pulse because my heart was pounding so hard!  No sugar or caffeine either.  Not even Red Vines.  Not even Diet Coke.  Nuthin!   Phew!   Okay, I'm about to hyperventilate just thinking about it.  From now on we'll probably have to restrict our viewing of action flicks to DVD rentals that we can watch on the big boring TV here in our nice comfy (and brightly lit) family room!

As we left the movie, our cell phone rang and we found out that Gwen fell off a table and landed on her face and had a bloody nose.  She was okay but still a bit distressed.  So date night was officially over but no regrets since we really wouldn't have known what to do with all our personal free time anyway.  We drove back to Sleepover Headquarters and retrieved our babies and carried them to the van while they were all giddy and giggly inside their sleeping bags.  A few minutes later, they were snug in their own beds (still in the sleeping bags) and there they remained until we came into their room and nudged them awake this morning.  A wonderful Valentine's Day for all of us even with the heart pounding and the tense movie and the bloody noses!

Tomorrow, we go bowling for the first time ever!  More on that later.



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