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February 27, 2009

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Animal kingdom entrance

We flew to Florida Thursday night for the big Disney Bloggerfest 2009 event.  The flights were uneventful (the best kind of flight, in my opinion) even though they totally ignored the seat requests we painstakingly arranged many months in advance.  Instead of our requested 3/1 split (all in one row), they split us into two groups of two.   In the past, this would have been catastrophic since both of my little darlings are "mommy girls" but this time it worked out for the best because Gwen and Maddy fight like rival gangsters when they're trapped in airline seats.  But the airline didn't know that so shame on them for rearranging us.
We arrived at Animal Kingdom Lodge well after bedtime (nearly midnight!) and the girls were enthusiastic about trying out their bunk beds.  The next morning, we grabbed a fantastic buffet breakfast at the hotel and headed to Disney's Animal Kingdom park.  
We loved this park!  There were so many fun things to see and do and the girls especially loved the dinosaurs and the jungle cruise.   We got a great photo of Gwen with her head inside the skull of a hippopotamus!   And the Alligators were almost too awesome to be real!   What magnificent creatures!  But the favorite animal, by far, was the giraffe.  The girls have looked forward to this trip for months simply because they believed that they'd see giraffes from the hotel room balcony.  Sadly, that didn't happen but they didn't seem to mind because they got to see them at the park and it was always dark when we returned to the hotel.

Animal kingdom alligators and giraffes

Animal kingdom baobab tree and triceratops

Animal kingdom dino and moms red car


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