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January 30, 2009

"Old & New"

Old and new redo b-blog
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  • Camera: Canon 5D
  • Mode: Auto
  • Lens: Canon EF85mm F/1.8
  • Focal Length: 85mm
  • ISO: 400
  • Aperture: f1.8
  • Shutter: 1/50
  • Frame:  ksharonk at two little pixels 

I've spent many days thinking about the newest theme of my favorite photography blog: We Picture {this}.  This month, we're supposed to post a photo or two of something that illustrates the concept of "Old & New".  Since one of my most cherished "old things" is my Great-Grandfather's Elgin pocket watch, I decided to use that for the project. 

My mom gave me this pocket watch after my son was born.  She'd received it from my Dad's mom many years earlier.  My Great Grandfather's initials, CJP, are inscribed in fancy English Script on the back and this beautiful timepiece and it still has the original braided leather fob and flawless polished crystal.  A quick Internet search of the serial number on the movement (inside), revealed that the watch was made in 1912 and sold for about $42 new (that's about $900 today). 

I turned the watch over and over in my hand and tried to imagine how excited my Great Grand-Father might have been to buy it and slide it into his pocket.  I'm really not sure what I have that can compare to that so I decided to go with my favorite Christmas gift of 2008:   My iPod Touch.  

Like Great-Grandpa's watch, my toy also keeps time.  Probably much better time than his pocket watch (but technology has improved so much in the last 100 years).  Unlike his fancy bit of 1912 technology, my pretty little iPod also stores and plays my favorite songs and movies and games and gadgets.  No disrespect intended but, somehow, I doubt that Great-Grandpa's watch held the attention of his children (and Grand-kids) even half as well as my little bit of 2009 technology!  But will my iPod be around in 100 years like this Elgin watch?  Hmmm... I doubt it. 


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