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January 26, 2009

Whispy Hair Woes

Gwenny met us with a shaved head so watching her hair grow has been like unwrapping an amazing gift -- for 3 and a half years!

We love her hair almost as much as she does (she'll never let us cut it -- ever)  but we're also stuck with a problem because even though it's long and lovely (amazing, really) she has a bunch of shorter fly-away stuff that frames her face and constantly hangs down to get in the way.  It never seems to get long enough to include in a ponytail so she's always swatting at it.  At the end of each day, we brush it for a final time and we can always tell what she's eaten or what she's done for arts and crafts that day because it's all right there -- in her hair!    And she just screams while we try to get it out!

Whispy hair blog

I've spent so much time in the hair care products aisle at Target that my head spins just thinking about it.  Really, how does anyone even start to evaluate more than 100 products!?  Do you pick something based on how  pretty or interesting the bottle looks?    They all claim to do the impossible but I certainly don't want to buy all of them just to find the one that does what it claims to do.  Assuming there is one that does what it claims to do!

So far, I've tried gels and sprays and fluffy puffy mousse but they don't really do anything more than just smell good.  The few products I've found that actually do hold her hair all day leave an ugly white crusty mess in her hair after we brush it so, unless we wash her hair each day, she goes off to preschool looking like she's got lice! Lovely, huh.  Just what every parent wants.  Ugh.

Is there anything you can recommend that will keep that hair out of her face and not turn her hair into a crusty mess?   Surely someone has solved the problem with the perfect/magic hair product and wants to share, right? 


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