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January 27, 2009

Big Red Hamster Ball for Kids

I'm pretty sure I once saw this thing on the Salsa Cutie Blog and thought it looked like fun.  Little did I know that a day after buying it, I'd be attempting to justify how the benefits of exhaustive preschooler play was worth having Mommy breathe what felt like her last breath into a paper sack to counter the effects of hyperventilation (yes, from blowing the damn thing up).    Really, it looked so much smaller when Ro and Ree were playing in it last year.  Now, it just looks like a giant clump of red molecules.  Or, perhaps more accurately, a big red hamster ball.

Big red hamster ball-blog

Well, that's all in the past now because we bought it and they saw it when it made its big reveal (uninflated) in the middle of our living room floor yesterday afternoon.   All that remained was the simple task of blowing it up.  Two hours later (gasp, sputter, cough), Mommy was dripping sweat but it was finally finished!  It's hard to believe but I do think that it probably was worth all that effort in spite of the fact that Daddy had to clean vomit out of it last night.  No, not Mommy's but that guess wasn't crazy.  Actually, it seems that Gwen got a bit over-excited about showing her new toy to Daddy when he came home from work.  If you have kids, you know that "over excited" usually means there will be body fluids involved.  Enough said. 

By the way, did I ever mention that DADDY ROCKS!?!.  Well, he does. 

In spite of all the hardships, this thing is FUN!!  Check out this little slide show of pics of the blast we had with our puffy red friend today.  


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